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Technology Enhanced Learning Programmes

Technology-Enhanced Learning & Professional Development, Library Literacy & Academic Writing Programmes for AY2019/20


Learning Commons designs five Technology-Enhanced Learning Programmes for the Academic Year AY2019/20.


Programme #1: Classroom Support Systems and Course Management Systems

Module 1: An Introduction to Classroom Support Systems (Class Attendance System, Lecture Recording System, Mobile/Wireless Presentation System, Class Management System)

Module 2: An Introduction to Learning Management System (Canvas, Moodle, Turnitin, and Lecture Capture System Panopto)

Module 3: An Introduction to Learning Support Platforms (7/24 Online Tutoring Studiosity, Digital Credentials/Badges Credly, Integrated Learning Platform, Multimedia Archives)

Module 4: An Introduction to One Button Studio

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Programme #2: Creating an Interactive Classroom

Module 1: Engaging Student in the Classroom (Socrative, PollEverywhere, LiveSlides, uReply, Kahoot!, Slido)

Module 2: Tools to create independent and reflective learners (Microsoft Add-ins, PowerPoint Recording, Podcasts, Hudl Technique and self-graded rubrics)

Module 3: An Application to E-Learning (Google Classroom)

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Programme #3: Creative Media Production, Multimedia and Interactive Courseware Production

Module 1: An Introduction to Photoshop (Photo Editing)(Basic & Intermediate)

Module 2: An Introduction to Illustrator (Drawing Tool) (Basic & Intermediate)

Module 3: An Introduction to InDesign (Editing Tool) (Basic & Intermediate)

Module 4: An Introduction to Premiere (Video Editing) (Basic & Intermediate)

Module 5: An Introduction to VR Video Editing (using VeeR VR Platform)

Module 6: An Introduction to 3D Printing (Basic & Intermediate)

Module 7: An Introduction to Autodesk AutoCAD (Basic & Intermediate)

Module 8: An Introduction to Aerial Shooting (Photo & Video Shooting Using Simulation Drone)

Module 9: An Introduction to Articulate Storyline 360 (Multimedia & Interactive Courseware Production)

Module 10: An Introduction to Animation (Powtoon, Adobe Animate & Adobe Character Animator)

Module 11: An Introduction to Multimedia Production Tools (Headliner, Open Boradcaster, H5P, Sayeah!)


Programme #4 Library Resources and Academic Writing

Module 1: Introduction to Library System and E-Resources

Module 2: Library Search and Academic Writing Utilizing Academic e-Databases

Module 3: Quantitative Data Analysis Using SPSS & SmartPLS (Structural Equation Modeling)

Module 4: Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVivo

Module 5: Citation Manager Tools (Google Scholar, RefWorks, Endnote, Mendeley)


Programme #5 Smart Workplace

Module 1: Document Portal & Sharing: Introduction to SharePoint

Module 2: Cloud Storage and Documentation Tools: OneDrive & Office 365 (Word & Excel)

Module 3: Paperless Documentation: Adobe Acrobat e-Form / Office 365 Form

Module 4: Collaboration: Teams & MS Office

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