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Digital Badges Scheme - FAQs

FAQs for students 


Q1. How would I know which badge I am going to earn when I enrol in the activity?


Ans. In principle, the activity organizer should decide which type of badge(s) the activity is going to award pending on the nature and the duration of the activity. You can view the type and number of the badge(s) to be awarded when the activity is posted by the activity organiser on the THEi Mobile App during the promotion. 


Q2. How can the scheme benefit me as a student?


Ans. In today’s job market, recruiters not only consider the GPA of their candidates, but they will also look for a candidate with strong learning ability and initiative. One of the simple ways to prove that you are an active learner and equipped with such abilities is by participating in extra-curricular activities. The scheme serves as a platform for you to monitor your progress through [MyPortal] while studying at THEi.


Q3. How about if I participated in extra-curricular activities outside the campus with other NGOs or organizations?


Ans. THEi encourages students to participate in meaningful extra-curricular activities whether they are hosted by THEi or external organisations. Currently, the scheme can only validate and recognize activities organized within THEi by Faculty/ OUs. We encourage the student to document their achievements with other means after completing an activity organized by external parties. 


Q4. Will I still get the award just by attending part of the activity?


Ans. The scheme is designed to recognise a student for their active participation and learning gained, therefore a digital badge should only be awarded to the participant who had attended at least 75% of the total duration of the activity. However given the difference in the nature of activities, some may even require assessment or submission of written material. Activity organisers will have the discretion to decide who should be awarded the digital badges.


Q5. How may I be benefited from the scheme after graduation?


Ans. For your future reference. You will have the option to publish your achievement online, a designated page on the THEi website is created to display your name, programme title, the number and type of badges received. You may choose to publish your achievement online by replying to the email sent by learning advisors after each activity.



FAQs for staff


Q1. How can we award students with digital badge(s)?


Ans. First of all, staff/activity organisers can fill in the activity description form (MS forms) to register the activity under the scheme. It is essential for staff/activity organisers to indicate the types and number of digital badges they are intending to award through the activity pending on its nature and duration. staff/activity organisers may refer to the credential guidelines for reference. 


Staff/activity organisers are advised to upload the activities details and enrolment form in electronic format onto THEi Mobile Apps. Therefore the student will have a clear idea about the activity, the type, and the number of digital badges they can collect before enrollment. 


After completing the activity, staff and activity organisers should upload the attendance record to the MyPortal system by indicating the digital badge to be awarded within 3 weeks. LC will update the record and generate a report of the scheme based on the MyPortal system. 


Q2. What are the essential steps to take as comparing the way of organizing an activity previously?


Ans. To ensure the smooth execution of the scheme, Staff/activity organisers have 2 extra essential steps to take:

  1. Faculty/School and OU’s representative should inform LC administrators by filling out the activity description form (MS forms)in advance about the activities organized and the type and number of the digital badge(s) that the activities are intending to award to the participants.
  2. Submit attendance through MyPortal, please ensure the correct digital badges are indicated in the attributes column in the attendance record, which is an excel file to be upload into the MyPortal system. A copy of the excel should be sent to the learning advisor for documentation.


Q3. Shall I award the student ONLY if they have participated in the activity?


Ans. If the activity only required the student to participate, we recommend participant should attend at least 75% of the total duration of the activity. The organiser may consider this recommendation when taking attendance for the activity. Given the differences in the nature of the activities, which activity may involve assessments or require participants to submit written essays or to present their idea. The scheme encourages Staff/activity organisers to exercise discretion in awarding their participants pending their level of participation and learning gain.


Q4. How about if I just want to create an activity for my class and the activity does not require promotion?


Ans. As long as the activity is not part of the curriculum and it is organised purely for the students of THEi, it can be included in the scheme, Responsible staff/activity organiser can still submit the activity description form to LC and uploading the attendance of the activity into MyPortal to award the participants with digital badges. Uploading information of the activity on THEi Mobile App will be optional.