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Welcome to join us to be a Student Ambassadors!

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Blended Learning – Conversion of Interactive Multimedia Self-study Courseware

To promote Blended Learning, LC's Education Support will help convert teaching presentation slides of individual instructors into self-learned student courseware. Following face-to-face instruction, students can revisit course content at their own speed with the digital and interactive courseware to enable self-directed learning for as many times as they want.


LC Call for Courseware Development now from all teachers.

Send us email at to schedule a brief introductory meeting where LC will present you the purposes, special features and show you samples before LC starts production.


Library Services - Selected E-Learning Resources Introduction


We would like to introduce to you a new e-database subscribed by LC.

(Access to Electronic Databases)



  • Artstor is an online database with complete image resources. It contains 300 collections composed of over 2.5 million images, in wide-ranging materials such as Native American art from the Smithsonian, treasures from the Louvre, and panoramic, 360-degree views of the Hagia Sophina.
  • Please feel free to use this rich resource to support student projects preparation.



Library Services - Past Examination Papers

The Databases for the THEi Examination Papers were completed by April 2020. In summer 2020, temporary storage of final exam papers in THEi Moodle will be moved to the existing Examination Papers Databases on the VTC Library website.

Past Exam

Library Services - Leganto – a Reading List Plug-in for Library System


A new plug-in, Leganto, will be available for the Alma library system to help instructors create Reading List to share with students in Moodle’s course. As Leganto is a part of the library network, the list of readings links up to the library catalogue to display the item's status in real-time. It makes searching and reviewing module references much easier for students.


A webinar will be organized before the new AY2020/2021 begins.


In the first year of the implementation, library staff will be enrolled in each Module in Moodle to prepare the Reading List. Library staff will follow-up with the library collection status.

Learning Resources at LC - VR Learning Corner


LC setup the AR / VR Learning Corner to provide students with a rich learning environment.

Learning Commons has been purchasing a brand new VR / AR devices, the HTC Vive collection. The HTC Vive provides virtual reality headsets that use "room-scale" tracking technology to allow the user to travel in 3D space and to use handheld controllers with motion tracking to interact with the world.


  • Vive Focus: There are two stand-alone All-in-one headsets and controllers, Vive Focus, where students can borrow at the Circulation Counter and use at anywhere within the LC.
  • Vive Cosmos: There are two other top-class VR+AR headsets and adapters, Vive Cosmos, linked to the VR / AR Learning Corner 's powerful PCs.


The equipment starts with some limited educational VR applications where there will be more applications installed by stage.


Vive Focus Plus (Standalone) All-in-one VR headset and controllers



Vive Cosmos  VR headset and wireless adapters



Learning Resources at LC - MakerSpace


LC has set up a new MakerSpace on the Learning Commons campus at Chai Wan. MakerSpace’s goal is to provide learners with a collaborative space to discuss, share, innovate and create. Some of the tools are listed out below. You can ask for more at the Circulation Counter.


Hand tools and stationery

  • Plastic hammer / Hammer with plastic cap
  • Pliers (pointed/wire)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Covered rulers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tweezers
  • C-clamps
  • Soft tape measure
  • Retractable ruler
  • Safety Scissors
  • Colored markers
  • Sand paper


Electrical tools

  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Desktop drilling machines (jigsaw, drill, polisher)
  • 3-D printers
  • 3-D scanner
  • Book scanner
  • Large size plotters
  • Electrical screwdriver
  • Lightbox


Cricut cutting machines


Education Support - THE-Institute Repository (THEi-IR) Report


  • A new feature has been added to the repository: Staff Page Link. For each publication, there will be a link connecting the publication authors to the THEi website of the staff webpages.
  • Individual staff can send new publications to LC for uploading to THEi-IR, email:

Library Services – Book Floating


A Book Floating Corner has been setup. Users can select and take a book to read and/or leave a book there to share with other users. The collection will be refreshed in the end of each semester. We thank Dr LI Ka Leung Emil and Mr Marpole Oliver to jointly setup the Book Floating Corner by combining the original book floating projects of CLE and LC into one.