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LC Programme #1

Programme #1: Classroom Support Systems and Course Management Systems

About the Programme

Classroom Support Systems and Course Management Systems Programme is offered by THEi Learning Commons. This programme aims to promote using the classroom support systems and other institute course management support platforms and facilities to support teaching and learning.


Target Participants

The programme is designed for all THEi academic staff / THEi staff.



The programme objectives are as follows:

  • To enable staff to realize the course management and classroom systems and requirements for enhancing learning and teaching.
  • To promote the electronic platforms to organize the course and to provide the rich learners' engagement environment.


Programme Learning Outcomes

It is intended that by the end of this programme, participants will be able:

  • To apply e-learning and innovative pedagogical strategies to enhance learning and teaching
  • To employ appropriate instructional and assessment strategies to enhance student learning
  • To create a rich electronic learning environment to enhance the learning experience.


Programme Structure

Programme Structure

The programme is in modular-based to reflect on participants' learning and teaching. It is a face-to-face or online learning module.


Mode of Delivery

A range of teaching and learning activities such as online facilitation, webinar, lectures, experience sharing, discussions, and hands-on computer-based learning would be used.


Completion Requirement


Participating staff will be awarded Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours and the record will be uploaded centrally by the HR.

Also, participants will be awarded an electronic Certificate of Attendance of the workshop.


Module Description

Module 1: An Introduction to Classroom Support Systems (Class Attendance System, Lecture Recording System, Mobile Presentation System)

  • Introduction of Class attendance system
  • How to use AV equipment in classrooms and lecture theatres (CW)
  • How to make a class recording at Lecture Theatres (CW)
  • How to use wireless presentation in classroom and lecture theatres


Module 2: An Introduction to Learning Management System (Canvas / Moodle, Turnitin) and Lecture Capture System Panopto)

1. Canvas

  • Creating Course Content
  • Communicating With Your Students
  • Customizing Your Account
  • Finalizing and Publishing Your Course
  • Frequently Asked Questions


2. Moodle & Turnitin

  • Beginning with a Moodle course
  • Using Moodle to enhance teachers and students' communication
  • Using Moodle for Assessment with rubrics
  • Creating online quiz and choice activity on Moodle
  • Copyright issues
  • Add Turnitin Assignment (Setting)


3. Panopto

  • A video content management system for uploading, managing and sharing all the institution's video and audio files.
  • A centralised, secure place for recorded lectures, educational videos, campus events, and more.


Module 3: An Introduction to Learning Support Platforms (7/24 Online Tutoring  Studiosity, Digital Credentials/Badges Credly, Integrated Learning Platform, Multimedia Archives)

1. 7/24 Online Tutoring Studiosity

  • An online academic support service to study help, online, anywhere! Connect in real-time with live experts or get Writing Feedback in less than 24 hours


2. Digital Credentials/Badges Credly

  • Digital credentials are fast becoming the currency of choice in an international marketplace of knowledge and skills.
  • Credly and its community of users are building that currency and the underlying infrastructure.


3. Integrated Learning Platform

  • A Learning Platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provides the teachers, learners and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.
  • A Learning Platform is a comprehensive system enabling secure, web-based training and e-learning solution that employs a simple and intuitive user interface.


4. Multimedia Archives

  • It makes available to the audio-visual material, such as documentaries, fiction, interviews, speeches and promotional material created by the Organization or related to its programme activities.


Module 4: An Introduction to One Button Studio

  • The One Button Studio is a simplified video recording setup that can be used without any previous video production experience.
  • The design of the studio allows you to create high-quality and polished video projects without having to know anything about lights and cameras. Proposed and Developed by Pennsylvania State University.













 For enquiries, please contact:


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