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Facilities & Services

Facilities/ Equipment Location Remarks

Black & White photocopying / printing

(charged by Octopus card)

(Support wifi printing with mobile devices, Android & iOS)

G/F & 1/F A4 $0.3
A3 $0.6
Colour photocopying / printing 
(charged by Octopus card)
G/F & 1/F A4 $2
A3 $4
Black & White printing 
(charged by print quota)
G/F & 1/F A4 1 quota/ per page
A3 2 quota/ per page
Colour printing 
(charged by print quota)
G/F & 1/F A4 7 quota/ per page
A3 14 quota/ per page
3D Printing 1/F HK$1/gram
Plotter G/F

With existing paper:

A0 or 36" wide $50

A0 Photo paper (36" wide) $100

A1 or 24" wide $25

A1 Photo paper (36" wide) $50

A2 $12.5

PC workstations 1/F  
Notebook Computers 1/F Same day loan
IPads 1/F Same day loan
Tablets 1/F Same day loan
Mac Books and MacBook Pro 1/F Same day loan
HDMI to Lighting  Adapter  1/F Same day loan
Wireless LAN Covers all areas inside Campus -
New Books Display 1/F -
Binding Service 1/F -
Group Study Rooms G/F & 1/F Reserved  online
PC Headsets 1/F Same day loan
Projectors and projection screen 1/F Reserved and Max loan 7 day
Whiteboard Pens and erasers 1/F Same day loan
Book Drop 1/F# -

* Available for loan at the Circulation Counter
# For non-overdue printed materials only


Study Room Online Booking

  • THEi students can reserve any one of the four group discussion rooms at Learning Commons (CW).
  • THEi students can also reserve any one of the four group discussion rooms at IVE(TY) LRC.
  • Other IVE LRC will only serve to correspond IVE campus students for group discussion rooms booking and use.


  • Book Borrowing & Returning: Self-Check Unit, Library Book Drop, Self-renewal on Library Materials
  • Reciprocal Borrowing Among IVE and Other Libraries: Walk-In Loan Service, Reservation of Library Collections and Inter-Campus Loans among IVE LRCs (ICL), Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL)
  • Reference Service: Information Enquiry, User Guides On Electronic Database, Subject Guides to Free Internet Resources
  • Library Book Recommendation
  • New Book Display
  • Journals
  • Notebook Computers, Ipads, Tablets, Mac Books, MacBook Pro
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Alumni Services
  • Binding Service
  • Printers & photocopiers, 3D Printing, Plotter
  • PC Headsets, Projectors and projection screen, Whiteboard Pens and erasers, HDMI to Lighting  Adapter 
  • A small portable induction loop system unit for people with hearing impaired
  • HD desktop video magnifier assist reading for visually impaired person
  • PC set includes screen magnifying software, screen reader software, refreshable braille display and Foxit for visually impaired people
  • Single desk frame (crank type) manual height adjustable desk for physical disability/wheelchair users