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Learning Advising


Digital Badges Scheme - Records of Achievement



The record serves as a recognition to students and graduates for their participation and effort made in extracurricular learning whilst studying their programme at THEi. 


Students’ participation will be recorded on their Non-Academic Transcript (NAT) and MyPortal with the indication of the attribute(s) received. The definition of the 6 attributes can be found on the Legend of Badges page. 


Students can request a NAT printout and present their achievements before graduation. 




Name Number of Digital Badges received
1 CHEN Chengwei 27
2 TAM Cheuk Hei  23
3 FENG Run Yan  19
4 NG Hiu Laam  18
5 LAI Mei Tsz  12





Name Number of Digital Badges received
1 TAM Cheuk Hei 16
2 LEE Tsz Chun 14
3 YANG Siya 12
4 CHAN Man Ching 11
5 KWOK Chun Hei  10
5 MA Chi Ming 10
5 CHUNG Shing Hei 10


*Last updated: 9 May 2024