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Who we are?


Experienced professionals in tertiary education are dedicated to meeting with students to provide guidance and support throughout their journey in achieving rich learning experiences.


What do we do?


To provide learning advisory service and support through workshops, individual and group consultations on a wide range of topics that may enhance your ability in the following areas:


  • Study skills
  • Time management
  • Teamwork and communication skills


Overview of Learning Advising 

Overview of learning advising

*Updated on Aug 2022


We are also dedicated to listening and supporting students by exploring self-potential in their undergraduate studies.


How to find us?


  • Ms. Jasmine Chan  (FMH & FST/Engineering) 


Tel & WhatsApp:       3890 8027


  • Mr. Geoffrey Tsui   (FDE & FST/Science)


Tel & WhatsApp:       3890 8025


*Learning advisor is stationed at TY campus (Room 227) every Wednesday and Thursday


More information about our events, workshops, and training can be found in the THEi Mobile Apps > News and Events