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Research Centre for Waste and Resource Management



Total Organic Carbon Analyzer


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Status: Available 








Brand: Shimadzu

Model: TOC-L CSH

The TOC analyzer is equipped with an ASI-L autosampler capable of holding 40ml vails, a TNM-L Total Nitrogen Unit for liquid samples, and a SSM-5000A Solid Sample Combustion Unit capable for TOC measurements in solid samples.


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Brand: Thermo Scientific™

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy


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Status: Available 

Model: iCE 3300 Double Beam AA Spectrometer with 100mm Universal Burner

Atomic Absorption spectroscopy (AAS) detects the concentration of a target metal in a sample by measuring the amount of light absorbed by free atoms of the target metals at high temperature flame.  The detection limits range from ppm to ppb for different metals. It is a widely accepted analytical technique and is still a popular choice for trace elemental analysis in scientific researches.


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Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry 


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Status: Unavailable 









Brand:  Shimadzu

Model: GC-MS PQ2020

Note: The GC-MS is equipped with an AOC-5000 Plus autosampler, which combines liquid, large volume and headspace injection moods.


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