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Campus Voices Podcast -- Empowering Learning - Celebrating Diversity


Brought to you by the Centre for Learning Enhancement, this new project aims to celebrate the vibrant cultural diversity within THEi while empowering learning in diverse contexts. Join us on this captivating journey as we engage with THEi educators and students and explore an array of thought-provoking topics. Each episode unveils the guest's unique background, academic journey, strategies for productivity, and the significance of growth mindsets. Through this enriching series, we aim to inspire and motivate learners, fostering a culture of continuous growth and excellence.


Tune in as we unlock the secrets to success and discover the transformative power of a diverse, inclusive learning environment. If you enjoy this podcast, we encourage you to subscribe, rate, and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform. Your feedback and support will help us reach more listeners and continue to bring you thought-provoking content.


Episode 01 -- Oliver Marpole


In the first episode, our host Will speaks to Oliver Marpole who is a lecturer at the School of General Education and Languages at THEi.
We talk about: 
- How he became an educator 
- What brought him to Hong Kong and how he settled in here
- What he thinks about Hong Kong's education system and the future of academia  
- What is needed for students in Hong Kong to become proficient in English.




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