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Innovative Programmes


In Academic Year 2019/20, THEi will offer 20 degree programmes that are vocationally and professionally oriented and developed with close industry collaboration, with many in niche areas.

Vocationally and Professionally Oriented Degree Programmes 

THEi provides 8 vocationally and professionally oriented self-financed degree programmes and 12 SSSDP programmes for S6 students in Academic Year 2019/20.  



Faculty of Design and Environment Faculty of Management and Hospitality Faculty of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Advertising 

Year-1 Year-3

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Professional Accounting 

Year-1 Year-3

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV10) Year-3 

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV01) Year-3

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Public Relations and Management 

Year-1 Year-3 

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV05) Year-3

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Product Design 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV02) Year-3

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Retail Management 

Year-1 Year-3 

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Environmental Engineering and Management 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV06) Year-3

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Horticulture and Landscape Management 

Year-1  SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV07) Year-3

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Culinary Arts and Management 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV04) Year-3


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Food Science and Safety 

Year-1 Year-3

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Landscape Architecture 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV03) Year-3

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Hotel Operations Management 

Year-1 Year-3

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in
Health Care

Year-1 Year-3

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Surveying

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV08) Year-3 

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports and Recreation Management 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV09) Year-3 

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Testing and Certification

Year-1 Year-3 

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information and Communications Technology

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV12) Year-3 



Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Multimedia Technology and Innovation 

Year-1 SSSDP (JUPAS Catalogue No. JSSV11) Year-3 





Professional Degree & Professional Diploma Programmes

THEi also provides professional degree & professional diploma programmes.