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The Second Professional Development Symposium: Futures of Learning and Teaching



Organised by the School of General Education and Languages of the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong in June 2022, the Second Professional Development Symposium: Futures of Learning and Teaching brought together teachers, students and industry representatives interested in sharing their visions of possible, preferred and hopeful futures of education. The symposium featured fourteen talks by teaching professionals and students from across various institutions in Hong Kong as well as abroad. They showcased some of their most recent initiatives and discussed their implications for what educational futures may or should look like. In addition to this lineup of speakers, we had a panel of industry representatives who shared their views and engaged with the audience in discussing audience-generated questions.


The playlist of symposium talks can be accessed here.

Professional Development Symposium Organising Committee

Dr Svetlana CHIGAEVA-HEDDAD, Chair of the Organising Committee

Ms Cecily CHAN, School of General Education and Languages

Mr Abel CHEUNG, School of General Education and Languages

Dr Emily CHOI, Faculty of Science and Technology

Dr Peggy CHOI, Faculty of Management and Hospitality

Mr Piers KUAN, School of General Education and Languages

Ms Emmy WONG, Faculty of Design and Environment