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Technology Enhanced Learning Programmes

Technology Enhanced Learning Programmes & Library Literacy and Academic Writing Programme for AY2018/19

Learning Commons designs three Technology Enhanced Learning Programme and one Library Literacy and Academic Writing Programme for the Academic Year AY2018/19.


Programme #1: Course Management Systems and Institute Technology Support Services

Module 1: An Introduction to Classroom Support Systems (Class Attendance System, Lecture Recording System, Mobile Presentation System)

Module 2: An Introduction to Moodle and Turnitin

Module 3: An Introduction to MS SharePoint and Acrobat e-Form

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Programme #2: Creating an Interactive Classroom

Module 1: Death by PowerPoint, how to spice things up (Socrative, PollEverywhere, LiveSlides)

Module 1: Tools to create independent and reflective learners (Microsoft Add-ins, PowerPoint Recording, Podcasts, Hudl Technique and self-graded rubrics)

Module 2: An Application to E-Learning (Moodle, Google Class, Turnitin)

Module 3: 3D printing as a Support to Learning and Teaching

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Programme #3: Creative Media Production

Module 1: An Introduction to Photoshop (Photo Editing)

Module 2: An Introduction to Illustrator (Drawing Tool)

Module 3: An Introduction to Premiere (Video Editing)

Module 4: An Introduction to VR Video Editing (using VeeR VR Platform)


Programme #4 Library Resources and Academic Writing

Module 1: Introduction to Library System and  E-Resources

Module 2: Library Search and Academic Writing

Module 3: Data Analysis Using SPSS & SmartPLS (Structural Equation Modeling)

Module 4: Citation Manager Tools