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Digital Badges Scheme - FAQs

FAQs for students 


Q1. How can I earn a Digital Badge by joining an extracurricular activity?


Ans. Students should find out whether an activity is under the Digital Badges Scheme and the type of digital badge(s) they can earn on the promotional materials of the activity. To earn the Digital Badge, students are encouraged to actively participate throughout the duration of the activity.


Q2. How can the scheme benefit me as a student?


Ans. In today’s job market, recruiters not only consider the GPA of a candidate, but they will also look for candidates with strong learning abilities and initiative. One of the simple ways to prove that you are an active learner and equipped with such abilities is by participating in extracurricular activities. The scheme serves as a platform for you to monitor your progress through [MyPortal] while studying at THEi. If you choose to publish the records on the website (Digital Badges Scheme – Records of Achievement). You can retrieve the Digital Badge records after graduation.


Q3. How about if I participated in extracurricular activities outside the campus with other NGOs or organizations?


Ans. THEi encourages students to participate in meaningful extra-curricular activities whether they are hosted by THEi or other external organisations. Currently, the scheme can only validate and recognize activities organised within THEi. We encourage the student to document their achievements with other means after completing an activity organised by an external organisation.


Q4. I have completed the extracurricular activity under the scheme, but why I did not receive a Digital Badge for my participation?


Ans. The scheme is designed to encourage students to actively participate in extracurricular activities. Organisers and trainers have the discretion to award students who meet the attendance requirements, assessment criteria, or the intended learning outcomes of the activity.


Q5. How can I publish my digital badge records on the Records of Achievement page?


Ans. We encourage students to publish their achievements online, The [Digital Badges Scheme – Records of Achievement] is created to recognise students’ achievements by displaying your name, programme title, year of entry, the number and type of badges received. You may choose to publish your achievement online by making the selection during activity enrolment or send an email to the learning advisor (Please find contact below) and make a request in writing.



FAQs for staff


Q1. Who can receive the Digital Badges?


Ans. Only the students of THEi (Both full-time and part-time) can receive the Digital Badges.


Q2. What kind of student activity can be included in the scheme?


Ans. The ultimate goal of the scheme is to encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities organized by staff, therefore any extracurricular activities which are not part of the curriculum can be incorporated into the scheme. For example, workshops, professional seminars, company visits, volunteering services…


Q3. How can I incorporate a student activity into the Digital Badges Scheme?


Ans. Activity organisers are welcome to participate by incorporating an extracurricular activity into the Digital Badges Scheme. You may follow the simple 4 steps:

  1. Choose the digital badge(s) which aligned with the duration, the nature and the intended learning outcomes of the activity. (Please refer to General Principles of Awarding the Digital Badge
  2. Promote the activity by adding the remarks mentioning that the activity is under the Digital Badges Scheme and the Digital Badge(s) participants will receive after completing the activity. On the enrolment form, staff can create a selection for participants to choose whether they would like to publish the Digitial Badge records on the THEi website: Digital Badges Scheme - Records of Achievement. The information can be relay back to the learning advisor for further process.
  3. After consolidating the attendance of the activity for those who have completed the activity. The activity organiser can upload the attendance records with the template provided (Activity Attendance Form) on MyPortal: Activity > Other Achievement > Upload. The activity organiser can send a copy of the activity attendance form to the Learning Advisor from LCDI for record keeping. *Staff should obtain access right from ITSD to upload activity attendance on MyPortal.
  4. Activity organiser should inform participants about the updates on MyPortal and the Digital Badge(s) they have earned after the update has been completed. 


Q4. If a participant did not perform well in the activity or did not participate fully, Can I withhold his/her Digital Badge?


Ans. Yes. The activity organiser can exercise their discretion in awarding the Digital Badge to students who participated actively and met the expectations of the activity organiser. Simply remove the candidate’s student ID from the attendance record before uploading the information to MyPortal.



Q5. Why is it important to send a copy of the Activity Attendance Form to the Learning Advisors?


Ans. Currently, The Learning Advisor from LCDI is responsible to coordinate the administration of the scheme. Due to the limitation of the MyPortal platform, attendance records cannot be downloaded into Excel files, therefore we would rely on the activity organiser to send us the attendance record and to inform us about the completed activity with the number of digital badges awarded.

Q6. How about if I just want to create an activity for my class that does not require promotion?

Ans. That is okay, the activity organiser can decide the appropriate method of promoting the activity, as long as the activity is not part of the curriculum and it is open to the students of THEi to join, it can be incorporated into the scheme. 


For inquiries on the Digital Badges Scheme, please feel free to contact Mr. Geoffrey Tsui, Learning Advisor, LCDI

  • Tel: 3890 8025
  • Email: