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Student Development Office

Advice Service -  Student Organisations

The THEi Students’ Union (THEiSU)  and its Academic Societies and Interest Clubs offer a variety of activities for you to join and enrich your campus life. Students are encouraged to join different students’ groups to participate in student-led activities and can send feedback to the institute via the student representatives of THEiSU.


If you would like to enhance your core competencies and serve fellow students, you are encouraged to take up a leadership role in the formation of a proposed Executive Committee for a new affiliated student club or society.

List of elected clubs & societies 2023


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THEi Students’ Union Executive Committee


  • 瀚凌 Atlantis

Department-based / Programme-based societies

Surveying Society 測量學學科會

  • 傳量 Echo

General interest clubs/ societies

Anime Comics Games Culture Society


  • Lupe

Board Game Society 桌上遊戲學會

  • Third Kingdom

Somersault Society空翻筋斗學會

  • 筋斗魂 Flip Nations

Sport clubs/societies

Kinball Club 健球學會

  • 波底見怡

About THEi Students' Union (THEiSU)

THEiSU is composed of a Union Council, Executive Committee, and different categories of affiliated clubs and societies, including Department-based Societies, Programme-based Societies, General Interest Clubs and Sports Societies. General Interest Clubs will be grouped under the Independent Clubs Association while Sports Societies are under the Sports Association.