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PhD (PolyU) MEng (RMIT, Aus) BEng (RMIT, Aus)

Chair Professor of Product Innovation 


Fellow of European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Fellow of European Academy of Sciences


Prof Lau
















劉建德教授獲委任為香港高等教育科技學院(THEi)新任校長,由 2022 12 12 日起生效。他將帶領學院的策略發展和營運管理,提高學術課程和科研成果質量,以支援香港工業的發展。






劉教授是一位經驗豐富的職業專才教育(VPET)工作者。他的職業生涯由在香港成為一位飛機維修學徒開始,在香港和澳洲多家工程公司工作多年後,先後任職於香港理工大學和澳洲斯文本科技大學。在擔任 THEi 校長之前,劉教授是澳洲斯文本科技大學的副校長(科研合作和數碼創新),負責科研績效、國際科研和排名策略。



劉教授持有香港理工大學機械工程哲學博士學位、墨爾本皇家理工大學航空航天工程學士和碩士學位。他的專業資格/會員包括英國工程委員會 (CEng)特許工程師、澳洲特許專業工程師 (CPEng)、香港工程師學會資深會員 (FHKIE)、機械工程師學會資深會員 (FIMEchE)、英國工程設計師協會資深會員 (FIED)、英國皇家航空學會資深會員(FRAeS)、材料、礦物和採礦研究所 (FIMMM) 資深會員和歐洲科學與藝術學院資深會員。


09/1997 – 04/2001

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Mechanical Engineering

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Thesis: Mechanical Performance and Structural Health Monitoring of Composite-strengthened Structures

02/1996 – 11/1996

Master of Engineering (MEng), Aerospace Engineering

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, RMIT University

Thesis: The Use of Ultrasonic Welding for Carbon Fiber Preforms for RTM Process

Group Project: Design of an Unmanned Air Vehicle

02/1991 – 11/1995

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng (Hons)), Aerospace Engineering

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, RMIT University

Thesis: Investigation on a Cutout Effect for Aircraft Structures


02/2022 - now


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong

01/2020 - now

Honorary Professor in Design

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong

12/2019 - now

Honorary Professor

Shandong University, China

04/2016 - 12/2022

Pro Vice-Chancellor

(Research Performance and Development; International and Digital Research)

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

12/2014 - now

Independent Non-Executive Director

King’s Flair International (Holdings) Limited

(Stock Code: 6822)

01/2014 - 04/2016

Associate dean

Faculty of Engineering,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

12/2014 - 04/2016

Endowed Professor in Product Design Engineering

Alex Wong Siu Wah & Gigi Wong Fook Gi Endowed Professor,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

09/2002 - 04/2016

Assistant, Associate and Full Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

09/2002 - 04/2016


James Hsioung Lee Foundation Product Testing and Analysis Centre

(through HSBC Donation)

09/2001 - 11/2016

School Manager

Wa Ying College (Band 1A school in Hong Kong)

08/2010 - 05/2012

Executive Director and Professor

Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites, Queensland, Australia

02/2008 - 12/2008

Visiting Research Fellow

University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia

14/2001 - 08/2002

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

06/1997 - 09/1997

Engineering Designer

PolyU Technology & Consultancy Company Limited (Welding specialist)

01/1997 - 06/1997

Mechanical Engineer

Dynaweld Limited, Hong Kong

02/1996 - 11/1996

Research Assistant (Composite manufacturing)

Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composite (Aerospace)

Structures (CRC-ACS) Australia

11/1995 - 02/1996

Engineer Trainee (Aircraft repair)

General Aviation Maintenance Pty. Ltd. Australia

1987 - 1990

Aircraft Maintenance

Apprentice (Airframe)

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, Aircraft


03/2017 - now

Adjunct Professor

Southwest Jiaotong University, China

01/2018 - now

Academic Advisor

Asia University

12/2010 - 11/2013

Visiting Chair Professor

Harbin Institute of Technology, China (Under 100 scholars’ scheme)

06/2010 - 05/2014

Visiting Chair Professor

London South Bank University, London, UK

(Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programme)

07/2009 - 06/2014

Visiting Chair Professor

Chonbuk National University, Korea

(Under the World Class University (WCU) Programme)

06/2012 - 05/2018

Adjunct Professor

University of Southern Queensland, Australia

04/2010 - 04/2013

Adjunct Professor  

Shanghai Maritime University, China

10/2006 - 09/2009

Adjunct Professor

Ocean University of China, China

11/2006 - 10/2008

Adjunct Professor

Lanzhou University, China

05/2003 - 05/2007

Adjunct Professor

University of New Orleans, USA



The Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship Award


Young Scientist Award 2002, Award in Engineering Science Discipline,

The Institute of Science


Young Engineer of the Year Award,

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE)


Award for Outstanding Research (International) on “Nanocomposites for Space Applications”,

The 14th International Conference of Composites/Nano Engineering,

July 2006, Colorado USA


Elected as Fellow of European Academy of Sciences


Winner of the Ernest L. Boyer International Award for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology


The 1st Technology Award in Heilongjiang Province, China in Space Smart and Structural Health Monitoring Research


University Grants Committee Award for Teaching Excellence


“Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education” granted by the Global Learntech Congress


USQ Research Giant Award on Nano-composites for Space Applications, Australia


Elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts


Australia’s Research Theme Leader in Composite Materials


VEBLEO Best Scientist Award, granted by International Science, Engineering and Technology Conference & Webinars



  • Temperature-compensated FBG strain sensor for statically and dynamically measuring mechanical strains of cement-based structures (2004/CN 03272851.4.)
  • Rotary stepping actuator (CN 2005 1 0079594.0)
  • Novel Carbon Nanotube/nanoclay composites (CN 2005 10079598.9)
  • Sensory Re-educator (US 2010/0106050 A1)
  • An FBG music tuner (US 2009/7507891 B2)
  • Hygiene rubbish bin (US 2009/0008402 A1)
  • A Fibre-optic transducer for simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement in fluid flow (US2010/7729567 B2)
  • Automated testing for palpating of diabetic foot patient (US 2008/0193905 A1 and US2015/9017266 B2)


  • Aviation Performance Limitations
  • Materials Science
  • Construction Materials
  • Product Innovation Design
  • Materials Characterisation
  • Nanostructured Materials



CNT for Polymer-based Composites


The Development of Heat Resistant Nanoclay/Polymer Composites for Space and Automotive Applications


Interfacial Bonding Properties of Layered Silicates Polymer Composites


Structural Integrity Monitoring of Delaminated Composite Beams using Embedded Multiplexed FBG Sensor Arrays


Enhancement of Fracture Toughness of Advanced Composite Materials using Multiwalled Coiled Carbon Nanotubes


Design of a Product Platform to Improve Commonality for Local Electronic and Home Appliance Industry


Design of a Multifunctional Sensory Product for Stroke patients


Delamination detection of composite structures using acousto-ultrasonic and embedded fibre-optic sensor mapping technology


The use of computer-aided technology to comprehensively investigate KCRC train’s structural problems with due consideration of human effect


Temperature-compensated FBG sensors


The Development of Multi-functional Sensory Re-education Device


Novel Design of a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Backpack Scaffold with due Considerations of Human Effect and Materials Fatigue for Product and Military Applications


Development of a High Strength biodegradable composite using natural silk fibres 


MIT-Hong Kong Polytechnic collaboration on Vehicle Design Initiative


International Conference on Multifunctional Materials and Structures (MMS) and Their Application


Structural and Mechanical Performance of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI)


A Novel Luminescent Nano-composite by Incorporating Rare Earth Complex in Polymer Matrix


Development of a High-strength and Eco-friendly CFF/PEC Composite


Development of a Generic Product Design Platform for Household Product Design


Design of a Smart FRP Foot Bridge Systems


Development of a High-strength Nanoclay Reinforced Advanced Composite Material for Product and Engineering Applications


Development of a Silk Pelade/PLA Bio-degradable and Bio-resorbable Composite for Bone Fixation


CRC-ACS Collaborative Research Projects

(Bio-composites; Structural Health Monitoring; FRP for Pipe Repair and Deep Water Composites)


Bridging the Gap –Composite Girder for Bridge Applications

(with LOC Composites and Main Roads of Queensland – Smart State Fund)


Researcher in Business (Geo-polymer for Buildings)


Monitoring damage in advanced composite structures using embedded multiplexed fibre optic sensors (with Boeing R&T Australia)


Development of Natural Fibre for Cementitious Materials


Research in Business (Composites Sandwich Panel)


Frontier Technologies for Science and Engineering


Development of a Smart Composite Wind Turbine (with NASA Glenn Research Centre)


Bamboo Fibre Reinforced Composites (Research in Business)


UV Resistant Polymer-based Composites for Aircraft Structures


Cryogenic Nanootibe/Polymer Composites


Fire Retardant Epoxy-based Fibre Composites


Structural Health Monitoring of Concrete Bridges


Reliability and Repair Scheme on Advanced Composite Bonded and Hybrid Joints for Aircraft at Harsh Service Environments


Using Coiled Carbon Nanotubes to Enhance Composite Joints at Cryogenic Environments

(Hong Kong Scholar Scheme)


Optic Fibre Sensors Network for Composite-Retrofitted Column in Earthquake (DP180103587)


Quantifying residual stress in rapid manufacturing of composite materials (DP180104199)


Factory of the Future: High Volume Automated Composites Centre (LE170100245)


Design for Kitchenware


JRC in Frontier Carbon Materials


Hybrid Composite Materials and Structures


Co-construction of Electronic Arc Extinguishing Research and Development Project


Anti-bacterial coating for polymers


Noise-isolated polymer layer using CNTs


Aerostructures Innovation Research Hub



  • Advances in Composite Materials and Structures (2007) ISBN 0-87849-427-8
  • Multifunctional Materials and Structures (2008) ISBN 0-87849-378-6
  • Research, Development and Applications (2008) ISBN 978-7-302-18475-1
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  • Natural Fiber-Reinforced Biodegradable and Bioresorbable Polymer Composites (2017) ISBN 9780081006566

  • Polymer-based Composites for Applications in Harsh Environments (2018)



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  • Effectiveness of using carbon nanotubes as nano-reinforcements for advanced composite structures. Carbon 40. 2002
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  • Critical factors on manufacturing processes of natural fibre composites. Composites Part B: Engineering. 2012

  • Epoxy clay nanocomposites–processing, properties and applications: A review. Composites Part B: Engineering. 2013


Book Chapters

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Single-authorship Papers

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Journal articles (accepted and published)

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