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ARUP Seminar – Design of Queensferry Crossing Bridge


  • 日期2018年11月20日
  • 時間6:00 pm - 7:15 pm
  • 地點Lecture Theatre 5, THEi (Tsing Yi)



The Queensferry Crossing (formerly the Forth Replacement Crossing) is a road bridge in Scotland. It was built alongside the existing Forth Road Bridge and Forth Rail ZBridge and carries the M90 motorway across the Firth of Forth between Edinburgh, at South Queensferry, and Fife, at North Queensferry.


Prof. Hussain, as the concept design leader of the bridge, will illustrate the challenges for designing the 3-tower cable stayed Queensferry Crossing bridge with composite spans of 650m, which he has described as a ‘blade of light across the firth’. It uses stay cables crossed at mid-span to restrain the central tower, and this is the first use in the world of crossed cables at this scale. The design was developed to ensure that it was in scale and a good visual neighbor to the existing road and rail bridges in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bridge was opened by the Queen on 4th September 2017.



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About the Speaker


Prof. Naeem Hussain


Prof. Naeem Hussain

Arup Fellow, Director of Arup, Global Bridge Leader



Prof. Naeem Hussain is an Arup Fellow, Director and the Global Bridge Leader of Arup and he is also our Adjunct Professor. He joined the Arup Bridge Group in 1969 and has worked on numerous bridge projects worldwide.


In Hong Kong, Naeem led the concept and detail design for Deep Bay Link Viaducts and Shenzhen Western Corridor Bridge that link Hong Kong to Shenzhen across Deep Bay. The main navigation spans are bridged by single inclined tower cable stay bridges. He was also the leader for the detail design of the Hong Kong Stonecutters cable stayed bridge with extensive high level approach viaducts. The bridge has a main span of 1018m and comprises of two nearly 300m tall mono towers, a split deck of widely separated twin longitudinal orthotropic boxes and two cable planes in a semi-fan arrangement. It was one of the first cable stay bridges in the world with a span in excess of 1000m and was completed in 2009.


Naeem was also heavily involved on both the Mainland and Hong Kong sides of the 43km long Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge (HKZMB) across the Pearl River Delta. His notable contribution was for the concept and illustrative design of the Jizhou navigation bridge with sail-like towers which has become the visual symbol of HKZMB. The bridge became operational in 2018.



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ARUP Seminar - Design of Queensferry Crossing Bridge