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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports Coaching

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports Coaching

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Many famous fitness specialists were there sharing their experience and the most up-to-date industry trends.

Avak CHUNG              Alumni, Bachelor of Social Science (HOns) in Sports and Recreation Management - Sports Coaching specialisation     

“The four-year Sports and Recreation (Sports Coaching Speciailisation) experience really helped in the development of my career”

DepartmentDepartment of Sport and Recreation

Programme NameBachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports CoachingProgramme Code


- Application for self-financed places in Year-1 Entry via VTC Admission S6 Portal

- Application for self-financed places in Year-3 Entry via VTC Web-based Admission System

Mode, Year of Study Accepting Entry & Duration of Study

Full-time: 4 Years (Year 1 Entry) / 2 Years (Year 3 Entry)

Medium of InstructionEnglish 

Venue(s)Programme core modules conducted at Chai Wan campus and some General Education (GE) elective modules on other campuses

Facility(ies) Human Performance Laboratory

Sports Biomechanics Laboratory

Sports Therapy Centre

Sports Massage and Recovery Centre

Fitness Centr




Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports Coaching is recognised under the QF

QF Level: 5

QR Registration No.: 24/000336/L5

Registration Validity Period: 01/09/2024 to 31/08/2030



Head of Department: Prof. KL TOH


Programme Leaders: Dr. Jim LUK & Dr. Peggy CHOI


Programme Advisor: Mr Johnny WOO BBS, Chairman of Hong Kong Recreation Management Association (HKRMA).


Honorary Professor: Prof. Frank FU, MH, JP


Adjunct Professor: Mr. Kenneth FOK, JP


Visiting Academic: Dr. Adam OWEN, Assistant Manager, Sheffield United F.C., United Kingdom

Visiting Academic: Dr. Chris CARLING, Senior Research Fellow, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom


Teaching Staff : 

Dr. Jim LUK Dr. Peggy CHOI
Mr. Indy HO Ms. Amy LIP Mr. Jason MAK
Ms. Natalie WONG Mr. Sing WONG Ms. Candy LAM Ms. Nicole LEE

Programme Aims

In recent years, a strong demand for sports and recreation professionals has been constituted by the rapid development of the sports and recreation industry in Hong Kong. The Programme aims to inculcate students with a rigorous and intellectual programme of study. Particularly, for those who wish to pursue or further advance their careers in the core areas of sports coaching. Through high-quality education and training, this Programme emphasises both theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as develops students’ professional skills through gaining working experience in the industry.  Upon graduation, students are expected to be professionally competent in their discipline (i.e. sports coaching).  Through offering this Programme, a steady supply of professionals in the afore-mentioned field have been, and will continue to be nurtured to support the rapid development of the industry in both the public and private sectors, and to improve the quality of life in the communities.




Entrance Requirements

Entrance Requirements for Year 1:

Please refer to the General Entrance Requirements for details. 


Programme-specific Requirements :

  1. For HKDSE, a maximum of two Applied Learning (ApL) subjects can be counted for admission purpose.  Relevant ApL subjects include: Sports Coaching and Management, Hospitality Services in Practice, Health Care Practice, Exercise Science and Health Fitness, Events Planning and Operation, Fundamental Health Care, Exercise and Fitness Coaching / Sports and Fitness Coaching, Rehabilitation Care Practice and eSports Technology / eSports Technology and Management.
  2. Applicants may be required to attend an interview.


Entrance Requirements for Year 3:

Higher Diploma OR equivalent sub-degree qualifications/studies in a relevant area of study.

  1. Additional core modules are required (with fee charged) for sub-degree graduates according to the educational background of individuals.
  2. All applicants are screened and selected by an Admission and Interview Panel. All interviews are conducted in English.
  3. For enquiry please contact the Department of Sport and Recreation (Telephone No: 3890 8170).

Professional Recognition




This programme is accepted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Education Recognition Program (ERP).





This programme is officially affiliated with the British Weight Lifting. 



Tuition Fee

  • The tuition fees are charged according to the number of credit points taken during a semester.
  • The tuition fee for academic year 2024/25 is $3,505 per credit point for local students and $4,030 per credit point for non-local students. Tuition fees are subject to annual reviews.

Scholarships and Awards

THEi students are eligible to apply for three categories of scholarships - Programme-specific scholarships, THEi Scholarships and Government Scholarships.


(a) Programme-specific Scholarships

(I) HKRFU Charitable Trust Fund - Educational Scholarship
The Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU) Charitable Trust Fund was set up to provide financial assistance to those committed rugby players who have satisfactory scholastic achievements with needs for financial support. The Scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union Charitable Trust Fund Committee. Incentive Award has established this year to reward applicant with outstanding performance.


(II) Elite Athletes Charitable Trust Scholarships
The Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association (HKEAA) with its aims to promoting sports, has offered scholarship to those who are keen to take part in sports or work for the industry.

No. of Scholarship(s) Value per Scholarship (HK$)
2 $5,000


(III) Cricket Hong Kong Scholarships

Cricket Hong Kong Scholarship aims to recognize and award SRM students who have actively participated in Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) with Cricket Hong Kong.

No. of Scholarship(s) Value per Scholarship (HK$)
2 $5,000


(b) THEi Scholarships (Click here for the details.)

(c) Government Scholarships: Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme (SPSS) (Click here for the details.)