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A new collection of books on research has arrived at THEi's Learning Commons.  The collection is supported by the Research Grants Council's Institutional Development Scheme as part of a programme to build up THEi's research capacity.  These books are available for loan by THEi staff and students.


Category: Research Methodology

A guide to qualitative field research / by Bailey (2018)
A Journey Through Qualitative Research / by Gaudet and Robert (2018)
An Introduction to Qualitative Research / by Flick (2018)
Case Study Research and Applications: Design and Methods  / by Yin (2018)
Documentary Research in the Social Sciences / by Tight (2019)
Doing action research in your own organization / by Coghlan (2019)
Doing Ethnography / by Coffey (2018)
Doing Focus Groups / by Barbour (2018)
Doing Grounded Theory / by Flick (2018)
Doing Interviews / by Brinkmann and Kvale (2018)
Doing Triangulation and Mixed Methods / by Flick (2018)
Embodied Research Methods / by Thanem and Knights (2019)
Experimental methods in survey research: techniques that combine random sampling with random assignment / by Lavrakas (2019)
Internet Research Methods / by Hewson et al (2016)
Methodologies for Practice Research / by Costley and Fulton (2018)
Principles of Applied Research Methods / by Jackson et al (2018)
Qualitative Inquiry / by Butler-Kisber (2018)
Research Design & Method Selection / by Panke (2018)
Sampling: Design and Analysis / by Lohr (2019)
Social Research Methods / by Grønmo (2019)
Social Scientific Research / by Brancati (2018)
Understanding and Evaluating Research / by McGregor (2018)


Category: Discipline-specific Research

Experimental Design for Laboratory Biologists: Maximising Information and Improving Reproducibility / by Lazic (2016)
Horticulture Research: Theory and Practice  / by Bosso (2016)
Media Audience Research: A Guide for Professionals  / by Mytton (2016)
Quantitative Tourism Research in Asia: Current Status and Future Directions / by Rezaei  (2019)
Research Methods for Engineers / by Thiel (2014)
Research Methods for Sports Studies / by Gratton and Jones (2014)
Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences / by Gravetter (2018)
Research Methods in Accounting  / by Smith (2017)
Understanding and Conducting Research in the Health Sciences / by Cunningham et al (2013)


Category: Literature Review

Conducting Research Literature Reviews: From the Internet to Paper  / by Fink (2019)
Doing a Literature Review / by Hart (2018)


Category: Data Analysis and Statistics

An Introduction to Data Analysis / by Bergin (2018)
An R companion to applied regression / by Fox and Weisberg (2018)
Analyzing Qualitative Data / by Gibbs (2018)
Applied conversation analysis : social interaction in institutional settings / by Lester and O'Reilly (2019)
Applied Statistics : From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques / by Warner (2012)
Doing Conversation, Discourse and Document Analysis / by Rapley (2018)
Fundamental Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences / by Tokunaga (2019)
Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Mixed Methods Research and Evaluation / by Kahwati and Kane (2019)
Qualitative Data Analysis / by Harding (2018)
Quantitative Social Science Data with R / by Fogarty (2018)
See Numbers in Data / by MacInnes (2019)
Spatial Regression Models / by Ward and Gleditsch (2018)
Statistical Significance / by MacInnes (2019)
Student Study Guide With IBM® SPSS® Workbook for Research Methods, Statistics, and Applications  / by Adams and Lawrence (2018)
Study Guide for Education to Accompany Neil J. Salkind's Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics / by Salkind and Dowds (2018)
Understand Probability / by MacInnes (2018)
Understanding Statistical Analysis and Modeling / by Bruhl (2018)
Using IBM® SPSS® Statistics / by Aldrich (2019)


Category: Research Writing

Mastering Academic Writing / by Samuels and Garbati (2018)
Present Your Research / by O'Leary (2018)
Research Proposal / by O'Leary (2018)
Research Question / by O'Leary (2018)
Writing Research Papers A Complete Guide / by Lester (2015)


These books are funded by a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No.: UGC/IDS25/16)