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  • 日期2018年1月29日 至2月128日 下午5時



The “Centre for Sustainable Design and Environment (CSDE)” was established in 2017 under the Faculty of Design and Environment (FDE), which is financially supported by the Research Grants Council (RGC). The mission is to enable research and development, knowledge exchange, and education in the areas of sustainable design and environment.

The Competition \

All THEi students are are invited to design a logo for the Centre. The logo design should draw inspiration from the important elements of the Centre. The winning logo will be adopted as the Centre’s official logo.

Prize \

\\ Champion: $5,000 cash cheque

\\ Finalist x 5: $1,000 cash cheque each

Competition Entry \

The deadline for submissions is 29 February 2018. Entries must be submitted via email. 

Please click here for the detailed submission guide.

For any enquiries, please contact Dr Kenneth YEUNG at (852) 3890 8377 or


About the Centre