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驾驶路线 - THEi (青衣校园)

驾驶路线 - 前往THEi (青衣校园)

经葵青大桥前往THEi (青衣校园)To THEi(TY)


THEi (青衣校园),2楼停车场

第一步: 经三号闸口进入THEi (青衣校园)Enter THEi (TY) through Gate No. 3

第二步: 向前驶直至见到THEi (青衣)大楼Drive until you see THEi Building

You'll see the parking area

THEi (青衣校园),地下停车场

第一步: 经二号闸口进入THEi (青衣校园)
Enter THEi (TY) through Gate No. 2

第二步: 向前驶直至见到THEi 标志
Drive until you see the THEi Logo