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Tuition fees, Registration Fee, Student Service Fee and Other Fee

Tuition fee: Tuition fees for THEi’s degree programmes range from HK$ 349,140 to HK$ 454,080*, please refer to our programme list for details.


Registration Fee:
HK$5,000 (The Registration Fee received will be deducted from the first instalment of tuition fees)


Student Service Fee (inclusive of student visa application fee and student insurance coverage in Hong Kong) : HK$1,000 


Application Fee:
HK$200 (Not applicable for application for Year-3 entry of Degree programmes in AY2023/24)


* Tuition fee for Degree programmes are calculated based on the minimum 129 / 132 credit points required for graduation on a yearly average.


Cost of Living in Hong Kong: 

Living expenses may vary considerably according to your personal circumstances and lifestyle choices. 

  Monthly (HK$)1
Accommodation and utilities: Halls of Residence $2,560
Accommodation and utilities: off-campus ^ $3,890 or above
Meals $1,556 or above
Public transport with student Octopus Card * $467 or above
Personal and leisure $1,167 or above

^ Off-campus accommodation fee is estimated based on the rent of a small flat shared by 4 persons. * Concessionary fare on public transportation with student Octopus Card. 

The exchange rate: 1 US$ =7.78 HK$