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Order of Ceremony 2023

Order of Ceremony

  • THEi Graduation Ceremony will be held on 28 and 29 November 2023 (Tuesday and Wednesday) at the Multi-Purpose Hall in THEi Chai Wan Campus (Address: 133 Shing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong).
  • Graduands of the same programme will sit together.
  • Graduands and Guests will be admitted to the Hall by admission ticket.



Before the Ceremony

  • The Waiting Areas for your guests are located at the Learning Commons on 1/F (S103).  Guests should be required to enter the Hall 20 minutes before the Ceremony starts (i.e. 9:40 a.m. at the 1st session, 3:10 p.m. at the 2nd session on 28 November 2023 (Tuesday) and 9:40 a.m. at the 3rd session on 29 November 2023 (Wednesday)) .   
  • Graduands of the same programme will be arranged to sit together.



Points to Note

  • Children under the age of 4 will not be admitted.
  • Graduands and guests who arrive late must wait outside the Hall or designated venues until the National Anthem is played and Stage Party have been seated on stage.
  • Late comers will only be allowed to sit in the designated zone of the venue.
  • To avoid undue disturbances, THEi reserves the right to determine the time and manner to exit.
  • Eating and smoking are not allowed at the venues.
  • Live streaming of the Ceremonies will be available on YouTube for live and post-ceremony viewing



During the Ceremony

  • Stay quiet during the ceremony and switch the phone to silent mode.  
  • Do not leave your seats during the ceremony.



Order of Ceremony

  • The Ceremony will commence with a procession of the Ceremony Officials and Stage Party. 

  • The National Anthem will be played when the Officiating Chair and Stage Party have assembled on the stage. 

  • After the welcoming address and guest speech, Graduands of the respective programmes will be invited to come to the stage for the conferment of awards. 

  • The Graduand Representative will deliver a vote of thanks when all the awards have been conferred.

  • THEi Staff Awards and Certificate for Honorary Professor, if applicable, will be presented. 

  • After the closing remarks, the Ceremony will close.

  • The duration of the Ceremony will be about three hours.



After the Ceremony

  • At the end of the Ceremony, all participants should leave the Ceremony venues separately and avoid gathering together.
  • The Ceremony venues will be cleaned and disinfected after end of each session. 




  • Public transport is recommended.​
  • Parking is not available at THEi.
  • Shuttle bus service between Heng Fa Cheun MTR station (Exit A) and THEi Chai Wan Campus will be available for the Graduands and their guests.