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  • Social Dynamics of Organisations


2006 BA in Sociology (1st Class Honour), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2008 M-Phil. in Sociology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2014 PhD in Sociology (Political Sociology), The Chinese University of Hong Kong



2008-2011 Research Coordinator, The Research Center for the Office of University of General Education of CUHK



  • Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Scholarships
  • Dharma Ambassador Scholarships
  • CASH Scholarships
  • Bonso Scholarships
  • Sa Sa International Scholarships
  • Sociology Award, in Sociology Department of CUHK
  • Shiu Kam Char Research Awards for Sociological Studies


  • External Member, Center for Civil Society Studies


  • Social Movement
  • Civil Society
  • General Education
  • Social Organization


  • 陳健民、吳木欣 。 2017。 <本土、勇武與犬儒:傘後香港的社會趨勢> (Localism, Radicalism and Cynicism in Post-Umbrella Movement Hong Kong)。<<中國大陸研究>>, 第 60 卷, 第 1 期, 頁19-36。

  • Ng, Vitrierat & Kin-Man, Chan. 2017. "Emotion Politics: Joyous Resistance in Hong Kong" . China Review 17 (1): 83-115. 

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  • Chan, Kin Man and Ng Vitrierat. 2015. "Umbrella Movement and Youth Activism in Hong Kong". Paper presented at Workshop 2 in the ICC Workshop Series on Youth Activism in Post-War Japan, Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture Lecture Series 2015. 

  • Ng, Vitrierat. 2014. "Joyous Resistance: The Case of People Power", paper presented at the conference of East Asian Junior Sociologists Forum, Global Forum of Sociology.
  • Chan, Kin Man & Vitrierat Ng. 2013.  "Joyous Resistance: The Rise of People Power", paper presented at The International Workshop on Comparing Social Movements in East Asia, Seoul National University.
  • Leung, Mei Yee & Vitrierat Ng. 2010. "The Findings of the Alumni Focus Group and the Assessment of General Education Learning Outcomes" (校友聚焦訪談與通識教育學習成果評鑑). University General Education Bulletin, April 05, 45- 68.
  • Leung, Mei Yee & Vitrierat Ng. 2009. "Pedagogy and Assessment in General Education – an Analysis of Data from Students’ Rating of Instruction”, paper presented at "3+3+4" Symposium on "General Education", The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Ng, Vitrierat. 2008. The Myths of Institution: the Role of NGO in Preventing and Curing HIV/AIDS of MSM《制度的神話 NGO推行男男性接觸者預防愛滋病措施的研究》, M-Phil Thesis. Hong Kong: The Chinese University of HK.