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Mr CHAN Eugene

Assistant Professor



Mr CHAN Eugene

Eugene is an accredited member of the Canadian Public Relations Society and has extensive knowledge of social media and maintains good relationships with key online media and social media platforms across the Greater China Region. Given his rich experience and direct involvement in the evolution of local social media, Eugene witnessed that social news took only five years to become the norm, half the time which IBM predicted in 2010. Eugene is one of the very few key players in the public sector, during his MTR Corporation employment, utilizing and maximizing social media and digital communication, both for stakeholder engagement (proactive) and issue management for crisis prevention (defensive).


Eugene’s career includes 15 years of agency, branding, higher education and municipal brings a well-rounded perspective to his work in Corporate Communication, Digital Marketing and Social Media mixture; Eugene was head-hunted by Creative Consulting Group Ltd as Agency Partner (Social Media & Digital Strategy), and MTR Corporation Ltd (MTRC) as head of the digital communication unit. Prior to joining THEi, Eugene worked in CHEIL Pengtai Hong Kong (Samsung Group Cheil Worldwide subsidiary) as Group Director in Digital Marketing, where he led a team in strategy development to ensure effective staffing levels and staff quality for required social media and digital deliverable for Samsung’s brands.


As a first Digital Communication staff in Edelman Hong Kong and Taiwan, Mr. CHAN has led digital engagement and online brand communication campaigns for clients such as Fidelity, Savannah College of Arts & Design (SCAD), Astra Zeneca, Microsoft Xbox, Hewlett-Packard, BDO HK, CLP Group, G-Market, Facebook HK Office and ZTE.


On public affairs, Eugene had rendered advisory service to three governments -- Taiwan’s Presidential Office, HKSAR and the Singapore government. In March 2010, he was appointed adviser to Taiwan’s Presidential Office on e-communication and subsequently e-engagement. In Hong Kong, Eugene has served the Chief Executive’s Office in launching the “Upper Albert Road” and the Tendering Committee of the Food and Health Bureau on Public Consultation of Health Care Reform in the summer of 2010. In July 2012, Eugene served on the Media Development Authority in Singapore to fine-tune its media policy on using social media and e-engagement with external targets.


As for training, Eugene designed and provided customized programmes for ZTE (in using social media for global PR integration); Morgan Stanley (in detecting negative public sentiments to its service/products); Occupation Health and Safety Council (in Social Media Trends and Campaign Design); The University of Hong Kong (in Social Media Strategy Design) and The Canadian Advertising Marketing & Media Association (in the impact of Social Media to Marketing Communications.); Standard Chartered Bank (in Fake News & Emerging Technology Trends).


Passionate about serving his community, Eugene has been volunteering actively as a grassroots leader over the past 15 years. He was the Chairman of Shau Kei Wan Community Office, Incu-Lab (Incubation) Executive Committee, and the Eastern District Community Association Committee in the constituency.


Eugene is currently conducting research studies on Social Media and Government Sector for his doctoral studies. Meanwhile, he works closely with the graduate programs at the CUHK Medical College, The University of Hong Kong and College of Business and Finance in HKUSPACE.


His research interests include political communication & social media sentiments, social media analytics and government interest, digital public relations, and social media use within the public relations discipline.



  • Public Relations Theory & Practice
  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Media Morality 
  • Media Management and Interactive Entertainment (with HK Metropolitan University)
  • Innovations and Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries (with HK Metropolitan University)
  • Principles and Practices of the Media (with Baptist University)
  • Exploring Hong Kong through Film and Popular Music (with The University of Hong Kong)


  • Political Communication, PR and Propaganda
  • Writing for the Media & PR
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Digital, Political Communication and Social Media Dissertation
  • Researching Digital, Political Communication and Social Media
  • Youth & Digital & Mobile Media
  • Fake News Philosophy (with The University of Hong Kong)


  • Social Media - Leadership Challenge (with CUHK Medical College)
  • Social Media Marketing & Practice (with University of Plymouth & HKUSPACE) 
  • Digital Reputation Management (with HKUSPACE)
  • Workshop in Managerial Skills (with HKU Master of Public Administrative) 
  • Big Data in Social Media (with Fudan University – Big Data Academy) 
  • Political History of Hong Kong since 1945 (with Peking University)


2018 - Present  

PhD Candidate, Communication Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2016 MA in Contemporary Chinese History, Peking University
2012 MA in Social Policy and Social Development Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2007 Certification in Events Management & Public Relations, Humber College
2006 BSc in Geography (Biological Science Stream), York University



2020 - Present   Lecturer, Faculty of Management and Hospitality, THEi
2017 - 2019 Director, Digital Strategy, Creative Consulting Group Inc Ltd.
2017 Marketing Manager, The Hong Kong Football Association Limited

2016 - 2017   

Group Head, Digital Marketing Group, CHEIL PENGTAI (Greater China)
2016 - 2017    Social Media Communication Advisor, LINK REIT
2013 - 2016 Assistant Public Relations Manager – Digital Media, MTR Corporation Ltd.
2011 - 2012 Head of Digital Communication, Water Oasis Group Ltd.
2010 - 2011 Executive, Technology & Digital Practice, Edelman (Hong Kong & Taiwan)
2009 - 2010 Social Media Specialist, metapeople GmPH
2008 Constituency Assistant, Member of Parliament Office (Canada)
2006 - 2008 Events & PR Manager, Prime Advertising Limited, Toronto, Canada
2006 - 2008 Teaching Assistant (Part-Time), Department of Administration Studies, Atkinson College, York University
2006 Intern, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto)
2005 Project Assistant, The Hong Kong Institute of Education


Visiting Appointment:

2019 - 2020

Lecturer (Part-Time), Marketing & Data Analytics, Department of Business Administration, Institution of Vocational Education (Chai-Wan)

2019 - 2020

Lecturer (Part-Time), Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Media and Social Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University

2016 - 2018

Visiting Lecturer, Big Data Academy, Fudan University

2015 - Present

Adjunct Lecturer (Part-Time), School of Humanities & Public Administrative, The University of Hong Kong

2015 - Present

Adjunct Lecturer (Part-Time), College of Business and Finance, HKU SPACE


  • Social Media Analytics and Government Interest
  • Public Relations Education
  • Digital Crisis Management & Prediction
  • Social Media Use by Governments & Policy
  • Emerging technologies in Marketing & Public Relations
  • Fake News and the Spread of Online Misinformation in Social Media
  • Political in Social Media and Hong Kong Studies
  • Political History of Chinese Canadian since 1947
  • Hong Kong’s History
  • Intellectual History of Modern China, 1840-1949
  • Exploring Hong Kong through Film and Popular Music


Selected Publications:

  • Chan, E.Y.H, Masood, M. & Gabul, Z.J. (2020, August). Factors Enhancing Interpersonal Communication in Cross-Cultural Marriage: A Survey Studying South Asian Chinese and Afro-Chinese Couples in Hong Kong”. Paper to be presented at the annual conference of The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Virtual Conference, 6 August – 9 August


Selected Invited Presentations:

  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Seminar on Social Media and the Medical Profession” (27th February, 2021)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “The preventive and anticipative aspect of social media in detecting and reporting possible issue”.
    • Public Speaking and Media Handling Programme, Education Bureau (13th Dec 2017) 
    • Public Speaking and Media Handling Programme, Education Bureau (17th Jan 2018)
    • Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR, (7th & 13th June 2018)
    • Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR, (10th July 2020)
    • Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, HKSAR, (13th November 2020)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Entrepreneur Travel Agents”, Tourism Industry Council, HKSAR, (11th August 2020)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Crisis Management in Digital Age”. Housing Authority. (10th July 2020)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Media, Ethnics and Professionalism”. 2020 Spring Scientific Webinar, The College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong. (24th May 2020)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Managing Bombs Online and Impact of Social Media in a Crisis Recovery”. Housing Authority. (15th January 2020
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Crisis and Issues Management on Social Media”. 
    • Media Training Workshop for Senior Management, Urban Renewal Authority. (12th & 19th May 2017)
    • Building Alertness to Social Issues Workshop, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. (28th June 2019) 
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Experience sharing on social media, online media portal & its development”. 
    • Environmental Protection Department. (23rd August 2018)
    • Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd. (26th April 2019)
    • ASTRI Hong Kong. (15th & 22nd May 2019) 
  • Ho, Andy O.D & Chan, Eugene Y.H. “Risk Communication Seminar for Social Media Crises for HK Examination Authority” (26th June, 2018)
  • Ho, Andy O.D & Chan, Eugene Y.H. “Risk Communication Workshop for Social Media Crises for Hospital Authority” (16th March, 2018)
  • Chan, Eugene Y.H & Law, W.C. “Maintain public confidence and preserve a positive image in online crisis”, Public Relations Workshop for Police Community Relations Officers, Police College (6th Feb 2018)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Dialogue in social media and crisis management” 
    • Media Training Seminar, Environmental Protection Department. (25th August 2017)
    • Handle Media in a Crisis Seminar, Hong Kong Housing Authority. (12th January 2018)
    • Crisis Communication Training Workshop for Frontline and Media Staff, Hong Kong Observatory (23rd May 2018)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Sharing on the impact of new media in crisis response for disaster management”, Training Workshop, Hong Kong College of Community Medicine. (17th June 2017)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Defusing bombs online”
    • Media Training, Department of Health (15th & 17th November 2016)
    • Media Training for Primary and Secondary School Principles, Education Bureau (5th December 2016)
    • Leadership Programme for the Housing Authority (12th December 2016)
    • CSD Staff Training Institute, Correctional Service Department. (22nd March 2017)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Readiness to the Social Media Marketing in Canada”, Chinese Canadian Advertising, Marketing and Media Association, Toronto, Canada (22nd August 2016)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Media Awareness Talk on Digital Era”
    • Training Workshop, Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (18th October 2015)
    • Management Forum, Hong Kong Electric Ltd (23rd September 2015)
    • Media Training Workshop, Independent Police Complaint Council (23rd June 2017)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Containing Widespread of Outrage Online & Minimizing Reputation Damage”, CMX Hong Kong (9th July 2015)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “The Use and Monitoring of Social Media and Social Data application” Water Supplies Department (21st May 2015)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Dialogue on Community Trends and Supporting Cultivation in new media” 
    • The Use of Social Media Forum, Information Service Department (8th March 2013)
    •  Youth Square Senior Management Forum, Youth Square (11th March 2016)
  • Chan, E.Y.H. “Real life experience sharing of event organization and management online” Invite brainstorming talk, President Office of Taiwan (R.O.C) (27th March 2011)


Public Lectures on Social Media & Public Relations & History:

  • Convenor in Digital Community Club in Hong Kong, dialogue with social media community host and owner in Hong Kong, 2013-2016
  • Guest speakers at Peking University – History of Hong Kong Settlement Era
  • Guest speakers at Crisis Readiness in Digital Era Workshops since 2013.
  • Social Listening and Crisis Management Training Workshop, Information Service Department, since 2013 
  • Digital Writing Training Workshop, Information Service Department, since 2016
  • Crisis Management and Digital Readiness & Social Media Marketing and Strategies Use Training Workshop for the various corporation, bureau, and departments, since 2016
  • Training workshops for Social Media Readiness within the Administration (GFP) - Civil Service
  • Training and Development Institute, Civil Service Bureau, since 2017


Selective Media Interviews on Social Media & Public Relations:

  • South China Morning Post, 22 October 2019 on "Canada elections: Justin Trudeau hangs on to power after fighting for political survival"
  • 【特首跑馬仔】曾俊華、林鄭網站邊個設計好,邊個贏細節? 專家大點評:林鄭都有surprise 《852郵報》。2017。1月25日。
  • 【決戰立會】研究證「贏選舉要靠個樣叻」 學者:建制派只為噱頭 游蕙禎或有著數│郭予真 《852郵報》。2016。7月16日。
  • 膠災事件突顯新媒體威力 《獨立媒體》。2012。8月8日。
  • 香港政客不善網上溝通 比台灣政客沉悶 《中國評論通訊社》。2012。5月23日。


2022 -  Present

Certified ESG Planner CEP® of ICSD Global

2016 - Present

Member, Internet Society

2014 - Present

Full Member of Canadian Public Relations Society

2010 - Present

Member of Hong Kong Public Relations Professional Association

2010 - Present Member of Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing

2007 - 2014

Associate Member of Canadian Public Relations Society



2020 - 2023

Member of Marine Fish Scholarship Fund Advisory Board
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

2019 - 2022

Panel Judge for the Social Media Marketing Awards, Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia & New Zealand

2018 - 2022

Member of Innovation and Technology Fund

General Support Programme Vetting Committee

Innovation and Technology Commission

2017 - 2022

Member of Fish Marketing Advisory Board, Fish Marketing Organization

2018 - 2021

Panel Member of Administrative Appeals Board, HKSAR

2016 - 2017

Panel Judge for ICE PITCH @FinTech Startups in Hong Kong Fintech Week

2013 -2017

Panel Judge for E2: Entrepreneurship Square Tech X Social Pitching Competition

2011 - 2012

Panel Adviser of Film Censorship, The Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration

2010 - 2016

Member of Public Affairs Forum, Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR

2007 - 2008

Youth Advisory Committee, Member of Provincial Parliament Office, Markham, Ontario, Canada

2003 - 2006 Deputy Returning Officer & Information Officer, Elections Canada, Markham & Vaughan, Ontario, Canada


  • Sino-British Fellowship Trust Fund for Staff Development (THEI), November 2020


2022/23 Grant applications – Information Technology Fund – General Support Programme, “Measuring ESG sentiment of listed firms through media and social listening: A big data approach”, - Awarded amount: $1,073,600, PI: Professor Louis Cheng; CO-I: Lee, Liane W.Y.; Chan Eugene Y.H
2021/22 Tocanan Ltd. & Research Matching Grant Scheme (RMGS), "Brandwatch big data public relations monitoring tool", - Awarded amount: $95,000 (in-kind) and $95,000 (RMGS), PI: Chan, Eugene Y.H., CO-I: Lee, Liane W.Y.