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Student Applied Research Presentations 2023

Department of Hospitality and Business Management Posters


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P17 Exploring Xiaomi Corpora-tion's Marketing Strategies




P18 Effect of Virtual Scientific Conference on Attendees




P19 Use of Chatbots in Digital Marketing


Mr WANG Pengbin

Public Relations and International Events Management

Miss CHEUNG Audrey

Public Relations and Management



Miss DLIMA Joyline Shiny

Public Relations and Management




P20 Low Sugar Lemon Custard Cake for Diabetes Mellitus



P21 Using Avocado to Replace Dairy Products in Ice Cream




P22 Acceptability of Plant-based Milk for Sponge Cakes

Miss CHAN Hei Yi

Culinary Arts and Management

Miss CHENG Hoi Tsing

Culinary Arts and Management

Miss TAM Tsz Hey

Culinary Arts and Management





P23 Customer Satisfaction of a Hotel’s Club Lounge 



P24 Self-service Technology And Customer Satisfaction



Miss CHAN Yuen Ying

Hotel Operations Management



Miss KWOK Wai Hei

Hotel Operations Management





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