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Advanced Standing & Credit Transfer

Advanced Standing & Credit Transfer/Module Exemption

In THEi, students with appropriate post-secondary qualifications can apply for advanced standing and credit transfer/module exemption.


The maximum amount of advanced standing or credit transfer/module exemption which may be granted is 50% of the number of credit points for the programme.  The study used for claiming advanced standing or credit transfer/module exemption should not be more than eight years from the year in which it was completed but individual faculties may impose shorter maximum periods.


Students who have completed a VTC Higher Diploma (HD) or equivalent sub-degree qualifications/studies in the relevant streams may be admitted into Year 3 of the degree programme.


Except for students admitted to Year 3 on the strength of their VTC’s HD qualifications or other equivalent qualifications, other students who wish to apply for advanced standing or credit transfer/module exemption should submit an application to the Faculty upon their initial enrolment on the programme or before the end of the add/drop period of the first semester the student is admitted to the Institute.  These applications incur a handling fee.