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THEi Info Day 2023 Carnival Hightlight


Escape Room: Ready to take on a challenge? Led by the Building Service Engineering programme instructors and students, the only tip for this interactive game is: Using your wits, finding clues and solving puzzles, this is the only way for you to escape the room. Good luck!


Non-Alcoholic Mixology Journey:Led by the Hotel Operations  Management Programme instructors and students, enjoy a variety of non-alcoholic drinks and mix your own one. Come join us and be a bartender!

Lastly, don't miss out on the magnificent campus exploration! We are delighted to show you and your family around our wonderful learning environments to experience a real sense of what makes our Institute special.

  Info-Day-Industrial Sharing  

Have you ever wondered about the recruitment strategies that companies have planned? Are you interested in learning some interview tips or the latest development in the industry?


Here's a great opportunity! THEi has invited the representatives from New World Development Company Limited, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries to share business advices for entrepreneurs and HR recruitment strategies respectively with students. It's a rare opportunity that not to be missed!

  THEi info day activities highlight  

Interactive Teaching Pavilion: Welcome to experience the thrill of street racing! Form a team of two and take the driver's seat in a race car with up to 200 horsepower, competing online for the prestigious championship trophy!


And the Fashion Show is the daily highlight that will amaze, inspire and entertain you. The students’ work from the Fashion Design programme push the boundaries of creativity, innovation and technology in response to the ever-changing world around us.

  THEi info day seminars  

THEi offers a vast array of degree programmes covering various academic areas like Product and Fashion Design, Sports and International Event Management, Digital Construction and Building Services - all highly regarded by industry!


Hoping to nail your programme interview? Don’t hesitate and register the Admissions Preparation Talk. Our advisors will help everyone in grasping and polishing interview skills for admission interviews and tell you how to get noticed by our Admissions Committee in a positive way.