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Sports Coaching

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About Us

Studying sports coaching prepares students to select coaching methods and tools to assess and train athletes. Students learn how to design and evaluate training programmes to maximise sports performance of individuals and teams. As professionals in sports coaching, graduates are capable to critically analyse and solve problems arising from sports coaching and physical training. Using the most up-to-date technology and research informed knowledge of sports science, a wide range of sports coaching specific modules are covered, including; coaching individual and team sports, performance measurement and analyses for training and competition, sports biomechanics, exercise principles and programming, sports psychology, strength and conditioning for sports performance and talent identification in sports.

Our Mission

  • To provide educational experiences for our undergraduate and graduate students in Sports and Recreation Management program.
  • To serve as a scientific unit for the initiation and conducting of research focusing on health, exercise, and performance.
  • To emphasize collaborative approaches to research and programming.
  • To support elite athletes for better performance. 

Areas of practice in Sports Coaching

  • Sports Skills Development – Individual Sports, Team Sports, Aqua Sports
  • Functional Anatomy & Exercise Physiology
  • Nutrition for Health & Performance
  • Outdoor Sports Skills & Coaching
  • Sports Coaching – Individual Sports
  • Sports Biomechanics
  • Strength & Conditioning for Sports Performance
  • Sports Psychology
  • Exercise Principles & Programming
  • Sports Coaching – Team Sports
  • Performance Measurement & Analyses
  • Talent Identification & Long-Term Development


Teaching and Supporting Staff 

Dr. Jim LUK Associate Professor (Programme Leader & Specialisation leader)
Mr. Sing Wong Lecturer 
Dr. Adam OWEN Visiting Academic
Dr. Chris CARLING Visiting Academic
Mr. Jason YONG Technician
Ms Rex CHIU Technician


Facilities and equipment

Human Performance Laboratory

HPLOverview of Human Performance Lab

Exxectic box and pulley  Exxectic kbox and kpulley


1080 sprint1080 sprint

CurveCurve treadmill


kmsKinetic motion system

novaLactate meter

polarHeart rate monitoring system

weightWeight training equipments

speedgateSpeed measuring gate

Sports Biomechanics Laboratory

Force plateForce plate

ViconMotion capture and 3D tracking system

EMG Electromyography


Learning Activities

KIN BALL 3Kinball coaching course

KIN BALL 2Kinball coaching course

Ind Sports Class 1Badminton Class

Ind Sports Class 2Track and Field Class

Ind Sports Class 3Track and Field Class

UK1UK Cultural Study Trip

UK2UK Cultural Study Trip

UK3UK Cultural Study Trip

UK4UK Cultural Study Trip

kayak1Aqua Sports Kayaking

kayak1Aqua Sports Kayaking

kayak1Aqua Sports Kayaking

Collaboration and Partners

Students’ competence are enhanced by completing a minimum of 250 hours of Work-Integrated Learning Module in a real-life workplace environment where they are able to gain valuable hands-on experiences.


Coaching Specialisation Industry Partners:

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Career & Alumni

Graduates from this specialisation can become, but not limited to, being a sport coach, strength and conditioning coach, fitness coach, or a sport scientist. Potential employers include National Sports Associations, Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited, Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), local and international fitness centres, and national and overseas sports clubs.