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Sports Management

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THEi is the corporate member of the Hong Kong Recreation Management Association (HKRMA). Students undertaking this specialisation are advised to become student members of the HKRMA. This specialisation provides graduates with essential training in the core areas of recreation management, work-ready for both the commercial and public sector. Core Modules include sports media, sports and globalisation, communication and public relations, operation and management in clubhouse and spa, park, pool, and horticulture management, human resources and strategic management, and marketing management.

About Us

Global Awareness

Learn to formulate personal and professional decisions, taking into  consideration multiple perspectives and how sports and sport  participation affect the lives of individuals and groups in our  society.


Learn to possess the relevant knowledge and a range of techniques  for tackling problems that may arise in the daily operation of Sports  and Recreation Management roles relating to, but not limited to  modules including Sports Globalisation; Sports Media, Communication & Public Relations in both Hong Kong and International Sporting Industry.

Sports Management and Practical Skills

Students possess strengthen abilities to consolidate and solve problems relating to ethics and legalities, safety of workplace and industry confidentiality, by summarising and applying appropriate approaches and principles introduced in the SRM programme. Students are able to integrate skills and knowledge learnt from the following listed modules for implementation in practical settings.


  • Philosophy & Sociology in Sports & Recreation
  • Business Management Fundamentals
  • Law & Ethics in Sports & Recreation
  • Sports Events Planning & Management
  • Contemporary Issues in Volunteering Management
  • Adventure-based Recreation
  • Sports & Recreation for Selected Populations
  • Facilities Management in Sports & Recreation
  • Customer Service Management in Sports & Recreation
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Accounting for Management
  • Sports & Globalisation
  • Sports Media, Communication & Public Relations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Minimum 250 hours of Work-Integrated Learning
    (Internship of Management Specialisation)


Qualifications Framework

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports and Recreation Management is recognised under the QF
QF Level: 5

QR Registration No.: 12/000709/5

Registration Validity Period: 01/09/2012 to 31/08/2028



Teaching and Supporting Staff 

Dr. Peggy CHOI Associate Professor (Programme Leader)
Ms. Amy LIP Assistant Professor (Specialisation Leader)
Mr. Jason MAK Lecturer

Learning Activities

Operational Training Modules reinforce students to be able to establish professionalism in different Sports and Recreation environments by adapting to various management roles; involving Facilities Management; Adventure-based Recreation; Park, Pool & Horticulture Management; Operation & Management in Clubhouse & Spa; and Events Planning &  Management.

Students are able to facilitate the development of their knowledge, range of tactics, practical tools and skills to be utilized for implementing Sports and Recreation Events Planning and Management.

Students are also equipped with effective communication skills to be able to take up Professional Leadership roles in all Sports and Recreation Events and  Management Settings.



IE0Industrial Experiences -sports day of speical school

ie1Industrial Experiences -sports day of speical school

ie2Industrial Experiences -sports day of speical school

ie3Industrial Experiences -sports day of speical school

ie6Industrial Experiences -sports day of speical school

ie5Industrial Experiences -sports day of speical school

disney1Disneyland Internship

disney1Disneyland Internship

golf1Sports and globalization (Golf)

golf2Sports and globalization (Golf)

golf3Sports and globalization (Golf)

golf4Sports and globalization (Golf)

golf5Sports and globalization (Golf)

golf6Sports and globalization (Golf)

hkjc1The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Clubhouse Site Visit

hkjc2The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Clubhouse Site Visit

hkjc3The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Clubhouse Site Visit

hkjc4The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Clubhouse Site Visit


Sports and globalization (Floorball)


Sports and globalization (Floorball)


Sports and globalization (Floorball)


Sports and globalization (Floorball)


Sports and globalization (Floorball)


Sports and globalization (Floorball)


Sports and globalization (Floorball)

kabaddi1Sports and globalization (Kabaddi)

kabaddi2 Sports and globalization (Kabaddi)

kabaddi3Sports and globalization (Kabaddi)

kabaddi4Sports and globalization (Kabaddi)

kabaddi5Sports and globalization (Kabaddi)

kabaddi6Sports and globalization (Kabaddi)

clearwaterbay1Site visit of Clearwater Bay Golf and contry club

clearwaterbay2Site visit of Clearwater Bay Clubhouse Golf and contry club

clearwaterbay3Site visit of Clearwater Bay Clubhouse Golf and contry club

clearwaterbay4Site visit of Clearwater Bay Clubhouse Golf and contry club

clearwaterbay5Site visit of Clearwater Bay Clubhouse Golf and contry club

tree1Tree assessment workshop

tree2Tree assessment workshop

tree3Tree assessment workshop

Collaboration and Partners

Students’ competence are enhanced by completing a minimum of 250 hours of Work-Integrated Learning Module in a real-life workplace environment where they are able to gain valuable hands-on experiences.


Management Specialisation Industry Partners:


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Career and Alumni 

Graduates from this specialisation will have the essential qualities to work at the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, private or residential clubhouses, local or international event management companies or sports marketing companies, theme parks, National Sports Associations, and Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited.