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Sports Therapy

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About Us

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Sports therapy in HK was founded by the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEI) in 2012. It is associated with the BSocSc (Hons) in Sports and Recreation Management (SRM) and aims at nurturing recognised and professional sports therapists with international accreditation to provide sports therapy services to athletes or sports lovers in different levels.


According to the clarification from the Society of Sports Therapists in the UK (SST), the accrediting organization for the programme, a sports therapist is a healthcare professional who has the knowledge, skills and ability to:


  • utilise sports and exercise principles to optimise performance, preparation and injury prevention programmes
  • provide the immediate care of injuries and basic life support in a recreational, training & competitive environment
  • assess, treat and, where appropriate, refer on for specialist advice and intervention.
  • provide appropriate sport and remedial massage in a sport & exercise context
  • plan and implement appropriate rehabilitation programms


Areas of practice in Sports Therapy 

  • Introduction to Functional Anatomy & Exercise Physiology
  • Motor Learning & Control for Human Performance
  • Sports Massage & Stretching 
  • Management of Sports Injuries
  • Advanced Functional Anatomy and Exercise Physiology
  • Recognition & Evaluation of Sports Injuries 
  • Pitchside Emergency & Trauma Management 
  • Rehabilitation of Sport and Exercise Injuries
  • Peripheral Manual Therapy
  • Vertebral Manual Therapy
  • Strength and conditioning


Department of Sports and Recreation

Programme NameBachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports and Recreation Management

Mode, Year of Study Accepting Entry & Duration of Study

Full-time: 4 Years (Year 1 Entry) / 2 Years (Year 3 Entry)

Part-time: 4 Years (Year 3 Entry) - Sports Therapy Specialisation



Qualifications Framework

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports and Recreation Management is recognised under the QF
QF Level: 5

QR Registration No.: 12/000709/5

Registration Validity Period: 01/09/2012 to 31/08/2028


Facilities and Equipment

Sports Therapy Centre

Overview1Overview of STC

Overview 2Overview of STC

Skeleton Models The Human Models

Treatment RoomTreatment Room

KneeLAXKneeLAX- Measuring the ligamentous laxity

AlgometerAlgometer- Quantifying the sensitivity of myofascial trigger points

Sports Massage & Recovery Centre

Overview 319Overview of SMRC

Overview 319aOverview of SMRC

Track millTreadmill

FSSFuntional Squat System



ST staff

Teaching and Supporting Staff 

Mr. Anthony BOSSON Teaching Fellow (Specialization Leader)
Mr. Indy HO Teaching Fellow
Ms. Candy Lam Sports Therapist
Mr. Jason Yong Sports Therapist
Mr. Max Yeung Part Time Lecturer
Mr. Thomas Lam Part Time Lecturer 
Mr. Alex Ho Part Time Lecturer

Learning Activities

HK7s 181Hong Kong Rugby 7s

HK7s 181Hong Kong Rugby 7s

HK7s 181Hong Kong Rugby 7s

HK7s 181Hong Kong Rugby 7s

2017 HK100 0Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race

HK100 2Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race

HK100 1Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race

2018 citi7 2Citibank Soccer 7

2018 citi7 2Citibank Soccer 7

HK7s 2016.1Hong Kong Rugby 7s 

HK7s 2016.2Hong Kong Rugby 7s 

HK7s 5Hong Kong Rugby 7s 

HK7s 7Hong Kong Rugby 7s 

Collaboration and Partners

Students’ competence are enhanced by completing a minimum of 250 hours of Work-Integrated Learning Module in a real-life workplace environment where they are able to gain valuable hands-on experiences.


Therapy Specialisation Industry Partners:


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