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THEi Culinary Arts & Management Programme – 4-Day Thailand Cultural Exchange Tour

Student Activity

Thai cuisine has become one of the world's popular cuisines and many dishes that are now popular in Thailand are originated from Chinese dishes. Therefore a 4-day cultural exchange tour was organized by CAM programme for 15 students from year one to final year to go to the capital city, Bangkok to have a better understanding of the cultural development of Thailand by visiting historical heritages, attending Thai cuisine cooking class and visiting a prestigious institute in the last vacation week before the start of the second semester.


The eye-opening experience inspired them to appreciate the Thai food culture and sharpen their culinary techniques so as to consolidate their learning on the catering operations during the visits to the food & beverage outlets and themed restaurant in Thailand.


On the third day of the exchange tour, CAM students visited Chitralada Technology Institute (CDTI). CDTI was founded by the Princess Maha Chaki Sirindhorn and it is a renowned institute which offers culinary programme for undergraduates.  After their visit of the senior management to THEi last September, an exchange between THEi and CDTI students on the field of culinary had been planned. Through interactions with local students in the class and the friendship culinary art competition, the CAM students’ horizons had been broadened towards different learning style around the world.