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PRIEM students are admitted to PRPA mentoring programme

Student Activity

Top   PR  industry  experts  conducted  the  webinar “Unveiling the Multi-facet PR Profession”  at  THEi CW Exhibition Hall on 29th October, 2020. The event provided the opportunity to create awareness of THEi with industry and student population. Media interviews were made with our two year-4 students, Miss LEUNG Wai Ki, Kiki and Miss TANG Chung Sze, Faith, who were selected by PRPA as 2 out of 22 “ON-call 25” mentorship programmes from 8 UGC / SF Universities in Hong Kong. Our students were given the opportunity to write social media and PRPA's 2-way magazine posts for PRPA.  Our Year-4 students were also given the opportunity to submit posts to THEi and PRIEM Facebook, IG and WeChat posts.


News coverage:頭條日報報導星島日報報導