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2012 International Footwear Design Competition

Awards & Competitions

  • Date30 May 2012

International Footwear Conference – IFC is the organizer of this competition. IFC is formed by the shoe industrial organizations from 11 countries/ regions. Founded in 1970, IFC has been endeavoring to promote the development of shoe manufacturing. Each year, the conference is held in different region and had established and international platform for communications and development.

Organize “International Footwear Design Competition” with the objective to affirm the importance of shoe design in this continuously developing shoe industry; to encourage originality and to advance the design vision of the industry; to foster product research and development; to enhance product competitiveness; to nurture designer in regard to shoe manufacture and design; and to merit outstanding performance with awards.

Date of Final Assessment: 30 May, 2012

  2012 International Footwear Design Competition