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Alice Chu is currently the Associate Professor and Programme leader of BA (Hons) in Fashion Design. Alice has dedicated in fashion education for over 20 years, having taught from undergraduate to postgraduate level and supervised MA and PhD theses. Before joining THEi in 2015, she was the first specialism leader in Fashion Retailing of the BA programme at the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and also served as the Chairman of its Fashion Business subject panel. Alice has a lot of experience in teaching, curriculum development, programme leadership, research and consultancy in fashion. Her publications include book chapters, papers in major peer-reviewed journals and international academic conferences. Prior to be part of the academia, she worked as a senior management executive in various local and global fashion firms overseeing the expansion of their businesses in Hong Kong, China and beyond.


  • Dissertation
  • Fashion E-commerce
  • Fashion Management Workshop


Certificate in ISO9000 Auditor/Lead Auditor Training, BSI Training Service

Master of Arts in Management, University of Kent

Higher Diploma in Fashion & Clothing Technology  

Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Associate Professor and Programme Leader in Fashion Design, Faculty of Design and Environment, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong

Assistant Professor, Institute of Textile and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

9 years working experience in different fashion firms as senior executive.



“Impulsive Buying Behaviour of Cosmetic Products in Hong Kong” funded by Departmental Teaching Company Scheme. PI till 30.8.15 then Co-I (circa HKD240,000)


‘Anthropometric Modelling of Teenagers with Mentally Handicapped.’ funded by departmental research fund. Co-PI (Cira HKD50,000)


“Development of an Intelligent Fashion Sales Forecasting System” funded by HKRITA.  Co-PI (Cira HKD2.8m)


‘Modelling the shoppers’ routing pattern in planned  shopping centres  - a decision support system using spatial networking algorithms’ funded by the Central Research Grant, PolyU. Co-I (circa HKD200,000)


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  •  Invited speaker for a roundtable session in the North America Conference, Association for Consumer Research (ACR 2007)
  •   Invited Speaker for Technology Symposium for Textiles and Apparel,,HKRITA (2009)
  • Invited Speaker for Adidas HK  management group (2014)


  • Member of HKITA (1980- present)
  • Panel Judge for GIORDANO in-house Fashion Show (2005)
  • Panel Judge of  MAX MARA T-shirt design competition (2006)
  •  Panel Judge for Adidas Mi Original Design Competition, Adidas Hong Kong  (2010)
  • Vice-Chairman for The Textiles & Clothing Alumni Association  (2014-present)


Title: 智能时装销售预测系统  China (PRC)


  • Editor of Research Journal of Textile and Apparel


  • Examiner, City & Guilds Programme, Certificate on Clothing
    Supervisory Studies   (99-07)


  • Reviewer of conference paper for Association for Consumer 
    Research conference in North America (2009)


  • External Examiner, Academic Assessor of HKUSPACE  (2009-2014) in:
    • Advanced Diploma  in Marketing & Retail  Management 
    •  Advanced Diploma in Marketing & Brand Management
    •  Advanced  Diploma in Marketing  \


  • External Examiner, Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (2015-present)


  • Fashion Retailing
  • Store atmospherics
  • Web aesthetics
  • Fashion Consumer behavior
  • Fashion Trend analysis