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Christian is a pioneer of sustainable menu and restaurant production with a health focus. He is also a graduate of Institute Paul Bocuse culinary arts degree program and acts as their Asia liaison.


Christian is the Founder & CEO of TREEHOUSE . His attention to pure, healthy, energetic, consciousness-raising food and living is instilled in every aspect of the restaurant, from its eco-friendly design to the carefully curated menu and selection of each ingredient. Christian’s roots, and training, in healthy living and nutrition run deep. Upon graduating from the famous Institute Paul Bocuse with a double major in Culinary Arts and International Hotel & Restaurant Management, he worked for Michelin three-star Chef Alain Ducasse. He eventually embarked on a journey back to his birthplace to bring his passion for healthy food and balanced nutrition to Hong Kong.


His strong belief in the healing quality of food came from his mother’s struggle with cancer. While experimenting with a plant-based diet for enhancing his performance as a competitive rower, he realized the crucial role of food in building strength and resilience. Christian is passionate about sharing his accumulated knowledge of vegetarian food and its role in preventing disease, healing the mind and body and supporting a vibrant life. He is widely recognized as one of the visionaries behind the plant-based movement in Hong Kong. After successfully opening Mana! Fast Slow Food, Mana! Raw, Mana! Cafe, HOME-Eat to Live fully plant-based restaurants around Central & Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, a wider vision emerged: he truly believes that Healthy food not only supports a better life, it must also fuel the heart. Through the heart we learn to love and respect ourselves and others. And, home is where the heart is.


With this intention in mind, TREEHOUSE was born. Christian says, “the Food & Beverage industry needs a major paradigm shift to end the global health crisis and it is our responsibility as restauranteurs to serve the highest quality nutritious food to the people creating an ethical business model with sustainability built-in. A plant-based diet brings one into ecological harmony with creation and is a necessary part of a major planetary shift in consciousness.” He developed Treehouse not only as a catalyst for mindful eating and sustainability but as a way to heartfully connect us with each other and this beautiful planet.