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  • General Education Core Modules


2006 Bachelor of Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia
2008 Master of Arts in Philosophy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
2010 Master of Philosophy, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


2010- 2011 Project Officer, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Visiting Lecturer, Community College of City University
2011- 2012 Teaching Associate, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education


2021 Best Abstract Award, 2021 Conference: A World without Barriers.
2010 Best Abstract Award, 2010 Conference on Social Work and Social Development
Postgraduate Student Research Grant, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • Citizenship
  • Education Policy
  • Social Policy



Academic Journal Articles

  • Ho, D. W. L. (2021). “Impulse Control Disorder: A Pilot Study of the Difficulties for Rehabilitation”, International Journal of Health and Medical Sciences, pp.1-5. 
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2020). "Has our World Changed? Demystifying Entrepreneurship: Thinking as a Way-out in a Risky Society”, International Journal of Business and Economic affairs, pp.130-137.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2017). “The Dilemma between Class Status and Property”, The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social and Community Studies, 12 (2), pp.25-33.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2016). “The Middle class has become more squeezed: Does globalization matter?”, The Global Studies Journal, 9 (3), pp.11-20.


Book Chapter

  • Ho, D. W. L. and Chan, C. K. (2018). “Unequal Vulnerability to Social Risks: Analysis of Hong Kong's Social Strata”, in Brian C. H. Fong and Tai-Lok Lui (ed.) Hong Kong 20 Years after the Handover: Emerging Social and Institutional Fractures After 1997, London: Palgrave, pp. 216-236.


Conference Papers

  • Ho, D. W. L. (2021), “SEN Students’ Learning Journeys in COVID-19 Era: Difficulties, Stigma and Whole Person Development” presentation at 21st Annual Research Postgraduate Conference, The University of Hong Kong in June.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2021), “Social Dynamic of Curriculum Design in COVID-19 Era and Beyond: The Application of Theory of Planned Behavior in E-learning Contexts” presentation at Re-Imagining Postgraduate Studies in the 21st Century and Beyond Conference, Lingnan University in March.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2021), “Love and its Role in Sculpturing Identity:  A Pilot Study from German Youngsters and the Implications for Societal Transformation” presentation at Conference 2021: A World without Barriers, The Education University of Hong Kong, in March.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2021), “Quality Management in Higher Education: Significance of Whole Person Development” presentation at Symposium on Internationalisation and Quality Management in Higher Education, Lingnan University, in March.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2021), “Geopolitics of Knowledge in E-learning Contexts: Effective Communication and its Dynamics with Value Differences” presentation at Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK) Annual Conference, The Education University of Hong Kong, in March.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2021), “Social Dynamics and Teaching Innovations in Post COVID-19 Period: Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Curriculum Design from a Risk Society Theory Perspective” presentation at International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Teaching, Learning, and Research, The Education University of Hong Kong, in January.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2020), “COVID-19 Era Embraces a New Culture in Curriculum Design: Risk Society, Theory Perspective” presentation at 3rd Conference for Higher Education Research, Lingnan University, in November.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2020), “The resistance of Chinese Identity among Hong Kong Youth: Reconceptualisation of citizenship as a Way-out in a Risky Society” virtual presentation at Fifteenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in the United Kingdom in July.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2020), “Identity can be Problematic but also towards Reciprocity between State and Society: TVET students and their narrative stories by risk society theory” virtual presentation at 20th Annual Research Postgraduate Conference in Hong Kong in June.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2020), “The Disparity of Social Movement between China and Hong Kong:  Does Identity Matter?” virtual presentation at Global Studies Conference in Canada in June.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2020), “Impulse Control Disorder: A Discussion Regarding the Forcing Factors which Make the Statistics are Far Higher than the Official Data with Reasons” virtual presentation at 2nd International Conference on Business, Education Literature, Arts & Social Sciences in Seoul in May.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2020), “Demystifying Thinking in Design: Computational Thinking in Technical and Vocational Education and Training” virtual presentation at 3rd International Conference on Cross Culture Studies in Social Sciences and Operations Management in Seoul in May.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2018), “Making Sense of the State-society Relation from Elite Perspective-- A Brief Comparison between Hong Kong and Germany” at Fostering State-society Relation in Hong Kong Polytechnic University in August.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2018), “Citizenship, Differentiations and Tension: Germany as a Blueprint for Tackling Struggles and Conflicts in Divided Societies” at International Postgraduate Roundtable and Research Forum in The Education University of Hong Kong in July.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2018), “Facts Often Mean the Least Than Ever Before: the Story of Alt-right in the Socio-Political Storm in Hong Kong” at 20th Annual Children’s Identity and Citizenship European Association and 2nd Joint CitizED Association Conference Citizenship in University of Warmia in Poland in May.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2017). “Income Inequality Rises, Middle Class Shrinks: Risky Society Leads to a Risky Identity” paper presented at The Seventh International Postgraduate Roundtable and Research Forum, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, July.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2017). “Citizenship and its Latest Development—Hong Kong Experience”, paper presented at The Tenth Global Studies Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore, June.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2016). “Understanding Middle Class from the Young Elite Perspective” paper presented at The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Imperial College London, London, UK, August.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2016). “Why did a National Education Proposal Raise Furor in Hong Kong?” paper presented at Twelfth Annual CitizED Conference, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, July.
  • Ho, D. W. L. (2016). “A Dilemma for Families in Hong Kong: Middle Class Status, Vulnerability and Property” paper presented at The 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, National University of Singapore, Singapore, June.


Commentaries (Translated)


Commentaries (Educational issues)

  • 何偉倫 (2018) 〈檢討自資專上教育〉,信報財經新聞 A17,時事評論,2018-08-14。
  • 何偉倫 (2018) 〈工業教育4.0 從技師到機師面臨的轉型〉,信報財經新聞 C04,教育講論,2018-11-17。
  • 何偉倫 (2018) 〈學懂衝突的藝術〉,信報財經新聞 C04,教育講論,2018-05-12。
  • 何偉倫 (2018) 〈大學排名 重點在其底蘊〉,信報財經新聞 C04,教育講論,2018-01-13。
  • 何偉倫 (2017) 〈平權爭議 是教育危機還是契機?〉信報財經新聞C04,優質教育,教育講論,2017-07-15。
  • 何偉倫 (2017) 〈學校角色與推廣體育〉,財經新聞C04,優質教育,教育講論,2017-05-25。
  • 何偉倫 (2017) 〈建造業與年輕人〉,信報財經新聞A17,時事評論,2017-04-13。
  • 何偉倫 (2017) 〈脫貧路漫長 高教縮差距〉,信報財經新聞C04,優質教育,教育講論,2017-03-14。
  • 何偉倫 (2016) 〈補選前夕談公民教育〉,信報財經新聞C04,優質教育,教育講論,2016-12-10。
  • 何偉倫 (2016) 〈談資助與自資課程協調〉,信報財經新聞A17,時事評論,2016-11-17。
  • 何偉倫 (2016) 〈談動物醫學〉,信報財經新聞C04,優質教育,教育講論,2016-10-20。
  • 何偉倫 (2016) 〈傳媒工作者的教育調適〉,信報財經新聞C04,優質教育,教育講論,2016-09-13。
  • 何偉倫 (2016) 〈Pokémon GO是抵制還是接納?〉信報財經新聞 C04,優質教育,教育講論,2016-08-19。
  • 何偉倫 (2016) 〈少見世面的運動員〉,信報財經新聞C04,優質教育,教育講論, 2016-08-16。


Commentaries (Socio-political issues)

  • 何偉倫 (2018) 〈適時公民教育 適切政策扶持〉,信報財經新聞 C04,教育講論,2018-09-08。
  • 何偉倫 (2018) 〈罪無可「恕」?〉,信報財經新聞 A17,時事評論,2018-06-12。
  • 何偉倫 (2018) 〈辱警罪非靈丹 理應全面檢討紀部〉,信報財經新聞 A17,時事評論,2018-03-27。
  • 何偉倫 (2018) 〈印花婆婆困局 制度使然〉,信報財經新聞 A17,時事評論,2018-01-23。
  • 何偉倫 (2017) 〈世界難民日〉,信報財經新聞A17,時事評論,2017-06-20。
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  • 何偉倫 (2017) 〈馬斐森敗走港大啟示〉,信報財經新聞A17,時事評論,2017-02-25。
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  • 何偉倫 (2016) 〈一面國旗的爭議〉,信報財經新聞A17,時事評論,2016-01-26。