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Master of Engineering Managment

Master of Engineering Management 碩士

Study Schedule*

8 core modules will be delivered in 4-5 sessions, 2 modules per session maximum. This will be supplemented by self-directed study through online content, and workshops covered by MEM. Assessment will be a mix of assignments and formal exams.



4 intakes per year : February, May, August and November


Session Application Deadline Modules (2 modules/session, 4 sessions/year)
1 Mid July

49004 Systems Engineering for Managers

49003 Economic Evaluation

49001 Judgment and Decision Making

49309 Quality Planning and Analysis

49006 Risk Management in Engineering

49069 Leadership and Responsibility

42095 Introduction to Building Information Modelling    

42003 Engineering Graduate Project

2 Mid October
3 Mid February
4 Mid May

*Applicants must have completed a recognised relevant bachelor’s degree in Engineering field.


UTS shall award the UTS Master of Engineering Management degree to students who have successfully completed the course requirements.