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Student Counselling & Career Advisory

Student Counselling and Career Advisory Services

As students are important to us, we have set up an office just to look after them.  This will provide counselling so that they can cope better with degree study, which requires more skills in learning on their own and managing their time.  They will also be provided advice on financial matters.


Early on their studies, students will receive advice on how to make successful career decisions.  This requires them to develop a good understanding of themselves, their aspirations, values, interests, strengths and the world of work. Often this is a continuing process as most people today embark on several careers in their working lives.


Students will also get help to write resumes that present their best features, and application letters that deal effectively with selection criteria.  They will learn how to prepare for an interview and conduct themselves during it.  In addition, they will learn how to build up a network and devise a strategy to look for jobs.


Students wishing to continue with further studies in Hong Kong or overseas will be provided with information and advice on appropriate postgraduate programmes and universities. 


To ensure that students get the best help, THEi’s Student Development Office will work closely with the VTC’s vast network of student support services. 


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Student Development Office

TEL: 3890 8133 / 2176 1400