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  • English for Academic Studies 2

  • English for Professional Purposes 


2008-2012 Juris Doctor (Law), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professional Development Course for Teachers (Catering for Diverse Learning

Needs) – Level 1 (Distinction) and Level 2 (Credit), The Hong Kong Institute of Education
2002-2004 P.C.ED. (English), The University of Hong Kong
2000-2002 M.A. in Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

B.A. (Hons) in Language and Communication, The Hong Kong Polytechnic




2020-present Term Lecturer, The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
2019-2020 Lecturer, The Caritas Institute of Higher Education

Lecturer, The School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese

University of Hong Kong

Certified Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Instructor and English Teacher,

Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired

Assistant Manager (Corporate Communications) of the World Bank Conference

1997, The Hong Kong Monetary Authority
1996-1997 Editor, Jing Kung Educational Press
1995 Research Assistant, Department of Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



2008 Commendation Certificate of Outstanding Professional Performance  

Certificate of Merit in Overall Proficiency Level 4 or above in the Language

Proficiency Requirement for English Teachers
1992-1993 Hong Kong Polytechnic University BALC Graduate Book Prize Scholarship



  • Education Policy
  • English Language Assessment
  • Learning Motivation
  • Language Teaching Pedagogy
  • Translation and Interpreting
  • Legal Studies and Jurisprudence


2020 - 2021  Organising committee member of the 1st Professional Development Symposium 2021: Reflections on Pedagogy in the 21st Century
2002 - 2004 School Representative of Curriculum Development Council, HKSAR (English Language Curriculum) 



Selected Publications


  • 關育健等著 (2013) 英語點心 (Bite-sized English),香港:萬里書店。
  • 蓋時珍著,關育健(譯) (2006) 彼此相愛 (Loving One Another),香港:福音證主協會。
  • 魏侍民 (Eisenman, T.L.)著,關育健 (譯) (2005) 面對試探 (男人篇)  (Temptations Men Face) ,香港:基督教文藝出版社。
  • 艾嘉儀 (West K.)著,關育健(譯) (2004) 飛越愁城  (Dare to Love, Dare to Trust Again) ,香港:基督教文藝出版社。
  • 湯紹源著,關育健(譯) (2002) 建道祈禱日特刊:主禱文,香港:建道神學院。
  • 湯葉妙愛著,關育健 (譯) (2001) 建道學刊:研究婚外情的三個理論,香港:建道神學院。
  • 湯葉妙愛著,關育健(譯) (1999) 建道百週年特刊:基督教的婚外神話與婚外關係,香港:建道神學院。


Conference Presentations


  • Kuan, Y.K. (2021) “Caring Pedagogy Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic – Creating a Supportive Learning ‘Communitas’ for Students in English Education in the New Normal”. In the “1st Professional Development Symposium: Reflections on Pedagogy in the 21st Century”, Hong Kong. (Oral Presentation) 
  • Kuan, Y.K., Ng, P.K. & Leung, B. (2015) “Contrastive Analysis of Cross-Lingual Discourse Strategies in Post-Handover Hong Kong Government’s Financial Budgeting Press Conferences”. In The International Conference on Social Science and Business, Thailand.
  • Kuan, Y.K. (2014) “Holistic Care for Students with Special Educational Needs”. In The Special Education Forum 2014, Macau. (Oral Presentation)
  • Kuan, Y.K. (2009) “Transferability of O&M Techniques of CVI Children: Strategies and Limitations”. In The 13th International Mobility Conference, Germany.
  • Kuan, Y.K. & Gilson, C. (2006) “Resolving Orientation and Mobility Culture Shock: The USA and Hong Kong”. In The 12th International Mobility Conference, Hong Kong. (Oral Presentation)
  • Kuan, Y.K. (2006) “Employment of ‘Environment Complexity Grading System’ to Resolve the ‘Disorientation’ Problem Encountered by Students with CVI in O&M Training”. In The 12th International Mobility Conference, Hong Kong. (Oral Presentation)