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  • The Human Spirit
  • Social Dynamics of Organisations
  • Creativity & Innovation in Society
  • Technology, Society & Work
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Hong Kong Society: Continuity & Change
  • The Modern World: History and Culture
  • Western Classical Music Appreciation
  • Music Technology, Creativity & Production



Doctor of Philosophy (History), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2003 Master of Philosophy (Music), The University of Hong Kong
2000 Bachelor of Arts (History and Music), The University of Hong Kong


2016 - present Teaching Fellow, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
2010 - 2014 Part-time Lecturer, the Open University of Hong Kong
2004 - 2016 Lecturer, the Utah State University (Hong Kong programme)
2000 - present

Composer and producer for pop songs, film music, TVC jingles, TV background music, and drama music



  • 十大中文金曲 RTHK: 天水围城 (李克勤)不同班同学 (张敬轩)
  • 十大劲歌金曲 TVB: 我不会唱歌 (李克勤), 劳斯.莱斯 (何韵诗), 韵律泳 (何韵诗)
  • 叱吒乐坛流行榜颁奖典礼CR2: 我不会唱歌 (李克勤)
  • 新城劲爆歌曲 Metro Radio: 我不会唱歌 (李克勤)
  • 香港音乐滙展数码音乐颁奖 IFPI: 韵律泳 (何韵诗)
  • 劲歌金曲优秀选得奖金曲: 转 (傅佩嘉), 穷爸爸 (许志安), 我不会唱歌 (李克勤), 麦当娜一吻 (薛凯琪), 日月 (谢霆锋), 佳节 (李克勤), 大时代 (李克勤), 劳斯.莱斯 (何韵诗), 天之骄女 (容祖儿), 天水围城 (李克勤), 韵律泳 (何韵诗), 再见演奏厅 (李克勤), 送我一个家 (泳儿), 少数 (C All Star)
  • 电台冠军歌: 转 (傅佩嘉), 穷爸爸 (许志安), 我不会唱歌 (李克勤), 麦当娜一吻 (薛凯琪), 日月 (谢霆锋), 佳节 (李克勤), 大时代 (李克勤), 劳斯.莱斯 (何韵诗), 天之骄女 (容祖儿), 天水围城 (李克勤), 韵律泳 (何韵诗)
  • 奇庙单车游 (music production): 第12回 TBS DigiCon6 亚太区总选奖励赏, 香港区第一名 (2011)



  • Talent Development Scholarship

  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship

  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship

  • Jao Yu Tsong Memorial Prize in Music

  • Rayson Huang Scholarship

  • Dean’s Honours List

  • The Rev. Joseph Carra Memorial Education Grant for Undergraduate


  • Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd


  • Political History of Hong Kong(香港政治史)
  • Political Parties in Postwar Hong Kong(香港战后的政党发展)
  • Relationship Between the Hong Kong Colonial and British Governments(殖民地与宗主国关系)
  • Music and Politics(音乐与政治)
  • Hong Kong Popular Music(香港流行曲)


  • The potential of popular music education in Hong Kong in “THEi AETI 2019 International Conference – Education 4.0: Applied Degree Education and the Future of Work” organized by the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, 16-18 April, 2019.

  • The Growth of Small Independent Record Companies in Hong Kong since the New Millennium: Charmaine Fong as a Case Study in “The 6th Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference” organized by the Communication University of China, 9-10 June, 2018.

  • The Pursuit of Democracy in Colonial Hong Kong before the 1980s in “Thei Research Symposium 2018” organized by the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, 17 May, 2018.

  • The Cold War and Its Effect to The Pursuit of Political Reform in Hong Kong (1946-1953) in “Cold Front: The Chinese Cold War Experience in Comparison” organized by the Research Institute for the Humanities at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 15-16 September 2014.
  • The Earliest Political Parties in Hong Kong and Their Pursuit of Political Reforms in The Postwar Era in “Spring History Symposium” organized by the Department of History, the University of Hong Kong, 8 May 2014.


  • 曾奕文:《香港80年代后才有政党?被遗忘的战后拼图》, 香港: 端传媒/Society for Hong Kong Studies, 2019.
  • 曾奕文:《香港最早期政党及民主斗士:革新会及公民协会》, 香港: 中华书局有限公司, 2019.