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Dr Shi graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing, with the awards of BArch and Meng in Landscape Architecture, and further gained her PhD from The University of Hong Kong. She has multidisciplinary study background in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, together with deep understanding of Chinese culture. She also knows well about the difference between design and research. Her research concerns on health promoting landscape design and planning with evidence from research.


Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Hong Kong

Master of Engineering in Landscape Architecture, Tsinghua University (Beijing) 

Bachelor of Architecture, Tsinghua University (Beijing) 


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  • Shulin SHI; Chauming TONG; with Clare COOPER MARCUS (Accepted). What makes a garden in elderly care facility well used? Landscape Research.
  • Shulin SHI; Chauming TONG; Yiqi TAO (2018). How does spatial organization of gardens at care facilities for the elderly influence use patterns: A case study in Hong Kong. Landscape Research, Vol.43 (1). pp. 124-138.
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  • Shulin SHI (2017). Evidence-based garden design for elderly care facilities. Oral presentation at the seminar of Planting and Landscape Design for Better Life. In seminar series on “Urban Green Infrastructure – Enhancing Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity”, Hong Kong.
  • Shulin SHI (2016). User instructions: To optimize well-being benefits of gardens in healthcare facilities. Poster presentation at the European Healthcare Design Congress 2016, London.

  • Shulin SHI ; Leslie CHEN (2016). 从“採菊東籬下”到“桂花香動萬山秋”. In the 1st Chinese Pavilion Culture and Garden Making Philosophy Symposium Proceeding, Chuzhou, China.

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  • Shulin SHI  (2009). Health Promoting Effects of Enclosure of Urban Public Open Spaces- Through Behavioral Studies in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the Universitas 21 International Graduate Research Conference: Sustainable Cities for the Future.


  • Second Prize, Best Ecological Idea Prize, and Best Tutor Prize in The First Palm-Cup Characteristic Towns Innovate Creative, as tutor of student competition team, 2017


  • Health promoting effects of urban landscape
  • Landscape design and planning for active living
  • Landscape design for the aged people
  • Evidence-based landscape design