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SARP 2020环境及设计学院海报




Lau Ho Ting



P1  An investigation on the relationship between colour forecasting and its impact on Hong Kong’s fashion youth market


Miss LAU Ho Ting

BA (Hons) in Fashion Design

Ikra Mullick



P2  An exploratory study on the preventive measures to avoid the exploitation of child labour in the Belt and Road countries from the fashion industry’s perspective



BA (Hons) in Fashion Design

Li Nok Yu



P3  The application of multi-functional design in accessories


Miss LI Nok Yu

BA (Hons) in Product Design

Tse Tin Ki Peter



P4  Hong Kong healthcare products and physical health protection of middle-aged people


Mr TSE Tin Ki Peter

BA (Hons) in Product Design

Wong Hoi Ying



P5  Eco delivery experience


Miss WONG Hoi Ying

BA (Hons) in Product Design


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Wong Wing Sze



P6  Interaction in hiking between children, parents, and ecology


Miss WONG Wing Sze

BA (Hons) in Product Design

Kwok Hiu Yan Elly



P7  Experience shore life - a design proposal to improve the existing rocky shore situation of the domestic waste problem and discover the mystery seaside in Hong Kong


Miss KWOK Hiu Yan Elly

BA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture


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Wu Chor Yiu



P8  The environment in abandoned spaces under biophilic design


Miss WU Chor Yiu

BA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture

Luk Yu Yan



P9  An evaluation of scan-to-BIM approach for quantity take-off


Miss LUK Yu Yan

BSc (Hons) in Surveying


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Ng Mei Hae



P10  A study on the potential of converting vacant school premises into elderly residential care homes


Miss NG Mei Hae

BSc (Hons) in Surveying

Yeung Sin Yee



P11 Analysing the importance of co-living in alleviating the housing problem for youths in Hong Kong


Miss YEUNG Sin Yee

BSc (Hons) in Surveying

Cheung Yuk Wah



P12  Artificial intelligence with live sound and stage production



BSc (Hons) in Information and Communications Technology

Yiu Chun Kit Alex



P13  Developing a smart wearable air detector


Mr YIU Chun Kit Alex

BSc (Hons) in Information and Communications Technology




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