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Dr. Albert C. CheukDoctor of Business Administration, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Master of Business Administration, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Master of Arts (International Relations), King’s College London
Diploma in Public Administration Hong Kong Polytechnic






Dr. Cheuk is the Director (Corporate and Enterprise) (Vice Executive President grade) of Technological and Higher Education Institute (THEi).


Dr. Cheuk had been the Director of Quality Enhancement and Accreditation Office (QEAO), Vocational Training Council before joining THEi in January 2022.  The Office coordinates development and implementation of the robust Quality Enhancement (QE) system in VTC to ensure quality of all its programmes and services.  The Office endeavours to foster a culture of striving for quality among all VTC staff, drives and coordinates internal QA processes, coordinates Quality Enhancement initiatives and ensures that VTC Programmes are up to the standards aligned to the external accreditation authorities and professional bodies. Lately Dr. Cheuk was also responsible for leading Organisational Development and Staff Development projects.


Dr. Cheuk joined VTC in 2016 as the Principal of Youth College, an institution that provides VPET to young persons aged 15 to 18.  Dr. Cheuk took over the directorship of QEAO in 2017 till January 2022.


Prior to joining VTC, Dr. Cheuk had been a career civil servant for 35 years before his retirement in 2012.  His past experiences spanned across a wide spectrum, namely management of both human assets and administration of sizeable government units. He retired as a Directorate Officer. Following his retirement, Dr. Cheuk was appointed the General Manager to oversee a subsidiary private security company of Sino Group (信和护卫有限公司), a listed company in Hong Kong between 2013 and 2014.  Dr. Cheuk served as the Head of Human Resources Management and Business Development on the Aviation Security Company Limited (机场保安公司), a subsidiary of Hong Kong Airport Authority from 2015 to 2016.