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  • 日期2020年1月16至17日(星期四至五)
  • 时间上午8時30分至下午5時30分 (1月16日);上午8時15分至下午5時30分 (1月17日)
  • 地点中环大馆JC礼堂、香港高等教育科技学院 (柴湾校园)


        The first-ever International Urban Forestry Conference, organised by Development Bureau, is to be held at the Tai Kwun (大館), Hong Kong on 16-17 January 2020, and THEi Chai Wan Campus (香港高等教育科技學(柴灣校園)) will be the satellite venue. 

        The objective of the captioned conference is to provide a platform for renowned arboriculture and horticulture experts, decision-makers, academics and industry professionals to share insights and best practices on urban forestry management.  The theme of the conference is on “Challenges and Opportunities of Urban Greening in High-density Cities”, with three plenary sessions exploring the following main topics —

  • Green Cities;
  • Resilient Landscape; and
  • Tree Care.

        Please visit the Conference official website at for details and online registration. Early registration is strongly recommended as seats are limited. Act now!


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