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President's Message





Welcome to THEi Student Applied Research Presentations 2021!


Continuing with last year’s success, we are pleased to host this event on the THEi website again for the public to view THEi student abstracts, posters as well as video presentations from 1 August 2021 and onward.

It is indeed encouraging that 92 submissions from students completing their Final Year Project (FYP) from across THEi Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Faculty of Design and Environment (FDE), and Faculty of Management and Hospitality (FMH) were received this year, more than double the submission number of the previous year!


As you will soon see, the applied research projects use various investigative methodologies, but all are very practically and authentically focused, and importantly, relevant to the needs of Hong Kong and its community. The key themes of the presentations include Application of Technology, Environmental Protection and Conservation, Energy and Fuels, Food and Health, Lifestyle and Recreation, and Chinese Medicinal Pharmacy.  


Congratulations to our students on completing your projects and presentations. Your interest in continuing to develop your professional skill sets and communication abilities through the sharing of your work is to be highly commended!  


To all of you, enjoy the marvellous presentations by THEi students! 



Professor Christina Hong, PhD


August 2021



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