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SARP2021 Faculty of Management & Hospitality Posters

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P29 Case Study of Tower of Saviors – Crisis Management


V29 Video Presentation




P30 Effectiveness and Potential Drawbacks of Using Influencers


V30 Video Presentation




P31 The Impacts of E-service Quality and Food Quality


Mr POON Pak Hong

Public Relations and Management

Miss TANG Chung Sze

Public Relations and Management



Miss LAU Hiu Wan

Culinary Arts and Management




P32 The Effect of Environmental Awareness on Edible Cutlery




P33  Research on Customers’ Behaviour in Milk Consumption




P34 Acceptance of Ketogenic-styled Desserts in Hong Kong 


V34 Video Presentation


Mr MAK Chun Pong

Culinary Arts and Management

Mr NG Ngon Chung

Culinary Arts and Management

Miss TSE Hiu Yu Phoenix

Culinary Arts and Management





P35 Customer Satisfaction of Taiwanese Drinks Shops




P36 Influences of CSR in the Food and Beverage Industry




P37 HK Resident's Post COVID-19 Travel Intention to India


V37 Video Presentation


Miss WONG How Yau

Culinary Arts and Management



Miss LAU Siu Yan

Hotel Operations Management



Mr TAM Lok Yin Cyrus

Hotel Operations Management






P38 Effect of Wearable Resistance Training on Running




Mr HUNG Ka Long

Sports and Recreation Management




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