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Certificate for Performance Industry in Stage Engineering Professionals

Certificate for Performance Industry in Stage Engineering Professionals



This course aims to provide lectures and practical training on professional and technical knowledge and safety awareness applying to the operation of stage engineering for the practitioners of performance industry and interested parties.




The following areas will be covered:

1. Knowledge, safety and code of practice of professional lighting
2. Awareness, safety and code of practice of professional audio and video equipment
3. Understanding and safety of truss and structure rigging technology
4. Awareness and safety of working at heights
5. Awareness and safety of temporary construction on-sites
6. Fireworks principles, dust explosions and prevention
7. Industry terminology training (Guidance notes for Venues)
8. Demonstration of on-site safety inspection and management for stage engineering


Suitable Participants


It is welcome for practitioners of stage engineering in performance industry, and current 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate students (bachelor in Engineering, Science, or technical diploma/certificate). Holders of Green Card are preferable.


Class Schedule

24 February 2024 (Sat)
25 February 2024 (Sun)
2 March 2024 (Sat)
3 March 2024 (Sun)
9 March 2024 (Sat)
10 March 2024 (Sun)
16 March 2024 (Sat)



Lecture: VTC Lifelong Learning Centre (Billion Plaza II, Cheung Sha Wan)
Practical Training: Mainly in Hong Kong. Site visit may be arranged in Mainland China (expenses of transportation and meals will be paid by participants).


Attendance Requirement


The minimum attendance requirement is 70% (i.e. 28 hours).




Participants are required to fulfil the minimum attendance requirement and gain at least 40% score in written examination and continuous practical assessment to pass the assessment requirement.




Participants will obtain a certificate of attainment if they fulfil the assessment requirements.


Programme Fee






VTC Alumni

VTC alumni can enjoy up to HK$1,000 Lifelong Learning Subsidy.
For details on the Lifelong Learning Subsidy, please read this document or visit


HKIE Members
HKIE members can enjoy HK$1,000 discount of the programme fee. Eligible applicants will be required for provision of supporting documents.




Please press the “Apply Online” button on舞台工程課程/ST4200007/1 to submit your online application.


Deadline of Application: 18 February 2024




Hotline: 3890 8488




THEi reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course, revise course title, content or change the class venue(s) or offering mode before class commencement if circumstances so warrant. Students will be duly informed of such arrangement.