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Faculty of Design and Environment

Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture

Master of Arts Landscape Architecture

Programme Details


7 core modules will be delivered in 2 semesters. Thereinto, 3 or 4 modules will be delivered per semester.


No. Module Code Modue Name
1 AD7601 Landscape Professional Practice
2 AD7602 Landscape Design Studio
3 AD7604 Landscape Planning Studio
4 AD7677  Our Urban Futures
5 AD7610 Ecological Landscape Design
6 AD7670 Research Methods for Built Environment
7 AD7600 Master Dissertation or Major Project


Study Style

Learning will take place through a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars and student-led research in a studio-based environment. Teaching techniques combine the practice and philosophy of landscape architecture with a focus on innovation, creativity, personal development, expression, professionalism and sustainability.


All work is assessed via coursework, which is a mix of written and illustrated reports.



UoG shall award the Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture to students who have successfully completed the programme requirements.