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Gradual Resumption of On-campus Essential Practical/Laboratory Classes/Assessments after Easter Holidays (from 19 April 2022)

Referring to the announcement on gradual resumption of on-campus learning and assessment activities as from 19 April 2022, please take note of the following:


“Vaccine Pass” Requirements

The FAQs on vaccine pass requirements and arrangements have been updated.  Please press here for the latest information set out in the FAQs for reference.


Compulsory Quarantine/Testing Period

Students, who are confirmed/preliminary tested positive of COVID-19, or subject to compulsory quarantine/testing, or home quarantine due to close contact/household member of a confirmed/preliminary confirmed case per instruction from the Centre for Health Protection, shall not attend on-campus activities during the whole compulsory quarantine/testing period.  Please inform Programme Leader/Year Tutor of your respective programme and the Registry by email ( immediately and provide relevant information (e.g. dates of confirmed/preliminary positive testing result/quarantine period, type of test underwent, date of last visit to campus).  Where practicable, alternative learning and assessment arrangements would be provided during the period.


The Institute will continue to monitor the situation closely and will introduce additional measures, including stepping up the vaccination requirements in future.  We also encourage students to undergo regular COVID-19 testing on a voluntary basis to safeguard the health of yourself, your family and fellow classmates.


For enquiries, please contact the Registry at 3890 8000.