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Research Centre for Waste and Resource Management

The Team


The Research Centre for Waste and Resource Management (the Centre) is a multi-disciplinary team of academics and professionals who have developed an international reputation for excellence in the fields of sustainability and environmental and waste management research. We have a track record of successful research grant applications, presenting at international conferences and publishing papers in international journals. Working with our industrial partners, we focus on advanced technologies that provide practical solutions to some of the municipal solid waste related challenges.


Role Staff
Manager Prof PUN Kwok Leung

Research Manager

(Landfill and Incineration Technology)

Ir Dr WONG Ho Fai, Simon
Associate Dean

Research Manager
(Food Wastes Recycling Technology)

Dr CHAN Shun Wan
Associate Professor

Research Manager
(Plastic and Polymeric Wastes)

Ir Dr TSANG Chi Wing, Alex

Assistant Professor

Research Manager
(Waste Minimisation)

Dr LU Xiaoying, Helen
Assistant Professor

Ir Dr WONG Man Tak, Douglas


Research Manager

(Education and Training)

Dr LIU Yaohui, Keane
Assistant Professor